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Missouri School for the Deaf


Updated April 12, 2010

Established in 1851, the Missouri School for the Deaf is in Fulton, Missouri. It is a residential school, and day students can also attend.

Academic Structure:

Missouri School for the Deaf has an elementary school, a middle or junior high, and a high school. Beginning in the middle school years, Missouri School for the Deaf offers traditional skill training through a career and technology center. Examples of these skills include autoworking, cooking and nutrition, woodworking, and photography.

Residential Life:

Students living in the dormitories get to participate in several fun activities. For instance, they can engage in a "dress your RA" activity that seems designed to humiliate a RA (residential advisor)! Plus there are physical activities such as deer hunting, camping, and climbing. In addition, the school has a fitness center.

Athletic Opportunies:

Missouri School for the Deaf offers its students the chance to play multiple sports at the high school level. Competitions are held with schools for the deaf in nearby states like Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

Alumni Association:

Missouri School for the Deaf has an alumni association. According to their web page, the alumni association focuses on providing its members with social activities, and helps provide scholarships to graduating seniors.

Outreach Efforts:

As many schools for the deaf do today, Missouri School for the Deaf also functions as a state outreach center. A resource center on deafness reaches out to and helps parents and school districts throughout Missouri. A key outreach effort is Project Outreach, a home-based early childhood/early intervention program aimed at deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to five years old.

Historic Alumni:

One of the best known alumni of the Missouri School for the Deaf, is the deaf journalist and poet Laura Redden Searing.
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