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Top Sign Language Articles


Updated June 03, 2014

Often, when people come to About Deafness for the first time, they are seeking information on sign language. Or, they may have already learned sign language and want to know what they can do with it. Here in one place, are the most popular sign language articles at About.com Deafness.

1. Sign Language Dictionaries

Sign language dictionaries online are listed and reviewed. Many people find these online dictionaries very helpful if they need to know how to sign a word are are just learning to sign.

2. Sign Language - I Love You Handshape

The best-known sign is the I Love You handshape. Find out where to see an example of it, and where to buy items with the I Love You handshape.

3. Sign Language Word Reference Guide

Are you looking for a particular sign but don't want to take the time to search through multiple online sign language dictionaries? The Sign Language Word Reference guide tells you which sign language dictionaries have what you are looking for.

4. Sign Language - Baby Signing

Parents of hearing children around the world are turning to baby sign language to reduce their babies and toddlers' frustrations, and to hopefully give their little ones a language boost.

5. Sign Language - Classes

Once a hearing person becomes intrigued by sign language and wants to learn it, the next question usually asked is, "Where can I find a sign language class?"

6. Sign Language - Religious

For deaf people who attend churches and synagogues, religious sign language materials are available, particularly books and video materials.

7. Sign Language Alphabet

Find out how to sign the English manual alphabet, from A to Z.

8. Deaf History - Sign Language

A common question asked about American Sign Language is, "How did sign language develop?" This article attempts to answer that question.

9. Sign Language Basics

Get an online "course" in sign language, from the basics to international sign language.

10. Sign Language - Careers

A common question is "I learned ASL. I want to work with deaf people. What can I do?" This article offers some suggestions for careers that take advantage of sign language skills. Other options in addition to interpreting are available.
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