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Tammy Gets an Implant


Updated May 10, 2009

Tammy is a deaf woman who decided to get a cochlear implant. This serial follows Tammy from the point of her making a decision to her progress one year later. Tammy gets evaluated, faces a medical risk in going forward with the implant, and has a successful result.

1. Part 1: The Decision

Tammy has to decide whether or not to get a cochlear implant.

2. Part 2: The Evaluation

Tammy has to go through the evaluation process to qualify as a cochlear implant candidate.

3. Part 3: Risking It

Just when things seem to be going well, Tammy gets some bad news that turns everything upside down.

4. Part 4: Getting Ready

Tammy gets ready for the cochlear implant surgery.

5. Part 5: The Operation

Tammy has the cochlear implant operation.

6. Part 6: A New Life Begins

Tammy is activated, and her life begins to change.

7. Part 7: Six Months Later

Six months after the cochlear implant surgery, how is Tammy doing?

8. Part 8: One Year Later

A full year after cochlear implant surgery, Tammy has made a lot of progress.

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