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Animal Sign Language


Updated March 30, 2011

Here are a few photos that describe animal-related signs in American Sign Language. If there is an animal word you would like to see added to this gallery, email me. You can also submit your own photos for addition to this gallery. This is how I, my family, and my friends sign these words. It may be different where you live, because of sign language "dialects." To see more examples of sign language, see Sign Language Dictionaries Online.
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sign for apeSign for Apebear signSign for BearSign for Catsign for dogSign for Dog
sign language - animals, sign language - bodySign for Elephantsign for fishSign for Fishsign for frogSign for Frogsign for giraffeSign for Giraffe
sign for goatSign for Goatsign for horseSign for Horse

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