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Deafness: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Is a Sign Language Interpreter Salary Like?
How much salary does a sign language interpreter earn? It depends.
Removing Ear Wax
Got wax? Learn about removing ear wax and ways of treating the deep wax that may impact your hearing.
People - Phyllis Frelich and Linda Bove
Two of the most respected actresses in the deaf community, Phyllis Frelich and Linda Bove.
How to Become a Sign Language Interpreter
How to become an interpreter for deaf and hard of hearing people.
Famous and Historic Deaf (and Hearing) People
Articles on well-known figures in the deaf/hard of hearing community both contemporary and past.
Using Name Signs for Personal Names
Forum members answer a question about the use of sign names.
Jobs Using Sign Language
Learn about careers that use sign language.
Baby Sign Language Books
Books for teaching sign language to your baby.
Deaf History - Milan 1880
Milan 1880 was a historic event in deaf education that nearly led to the death of sign language.
Low Frequency Hearing Loss
Low frequency hearing loss is defined, along with its causes, how common it is, and treatment.
Sexual Vocabulary in Sign Language
Sources of sign language words for common human sexuality terms.
High-Frequency Hearing Loss
Hearing loss in the higher frequencies, its causes, preventing, and managing it.
Hearing Aid Manufacturers
Companies that manufacture hearing aids. Most companies make digital hearing aids, and a few still make analog or body worn hearing aids. Still others make hearing aids that can resist water and sweat.
Deaf History - Martha's Vineyard
Martha's Vineyard island was a place where it was normal to be deaf.
Sign Language Dictionary Online
Do you need to know how to sign a word? Check a sign language dictionary online.
Causes of Hearing Loss
Index of articles on causes of deafness and hearing loss.
Helen Keller's Biography
Helen Keller was a remarkable deaf and blind woman whose appeal still endures today. Read the fascinating story of her life and discover additional resources.
Accessibility - Communication Access Realtime...
An increasingly popular alternative to an interpreter is the use of CART, or Computer Assisted Realtime Translation.
Sean Berdy Interview
Interview with Sean Berdy, a deaf actor who plays Emmett on the ABC Family show Switched at Birth.
Sign Language - Signing Games
Forum members answer a question about sign language games for learning sign language.
A Brief Biography of Heather Whitestone McCallum
Heather Whitestone was the first crowned deaf Miss America. While she only held the title for one year, she has a permanent place in deaf history.
Using Sign Language and Voice for Total...
Total communication, or simultaneous communication, is a popular communication and educational option for deaf and hard of hearing.
Social Security Disability Income for Deaf People
If a deaf person loses a job, one option is to apply for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).
Deaf Culture - Big D Small D
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Deaf Culture - Audism
Audism as it is defined in the deaf community, and resources on audism.
Deaf Education - Colleges for the Deaf
Colleges and universities just for deaf and hard of hearing students.
Cholesteatoma Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
A cholesteatoma is a skin growth in the middle ear behind the eardrum that can cause hearing loss if left untreated. Learn the signs and symptoms.
Law, Legal Rights, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing...
Resources for learning more about laws and legislation that affects deaf and hard of hearing people.
Top 10 Books for Learning Sign Language
Top sign language books and dictionaries, from your About.com Guide.
Sign Language Classes for Learning Sign Language
How to find a sign language class in your area.
Deaf Literature - Poetry by Deaf and Hard of...
Poetry is a medium for expressing feelings about hearing loss.
Hearing Aids - Donating Used Hearing Aids
What to do with used or unwanted hearing aids. Information on donation programs with domestic and international objectives.
Sign Language - ABC Stories
ABC stories are a fun way to express and practice the sign alphabet.
Deaf Education Pioneer - Abbe Charles Michel De...
Who was the Frenchman Abbe Charles Michel De L'Epee and what is his role in deaf educational history and sign language?
People - Alexander Graham Bell and Deafness
Alexander Graham Bell and his connection to the deaf community.
Deafblind Triplet Daughters
Profile of a family with deafblind triplet daughters.
Cause of Hearing Loss - Ototoxicity
Ototoxic drugs can cause hearing loss, both temporary and permanent.
Sign Language Interpreters at Doctors,...
What the law says about deaf people and interpreters for doctors, dentists, and hospitals.
I Love You Sign
The I Love You handshape, perhaps the most recognized sign.
Deaf Culture Basics
The deaf community in America has its own unique culture of art, theater, writing, and more.
Buying and Selling Used Hearing Aids
Can used hearing aids be bought and sold? Where can you buy them?
Cause of Hearing Loss: Meniere's Disease
Meniere's disease is a common disorder of dizziness and hearing loss.
Internet Relay Services
A comparison of internet relay services for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Hearing Loss - Mild
Mild hearing loss may not appear that serious, but it does have its effects.
Sign Language Alphabet
Fingerspell the letter F. Deafness. Page 6.
Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance
How to care for hearing aids properly.
Deaf Culture - Deaf? Disabled? Both?
Do deaf people consider themselves to be disabled or only deaf? Forum members debate the question.
Deanne Bray-Kotsur - Sue Thomas F.B.Eye Actress
Interview with Deanne Bray-Kotsur, who had starred in Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye.
Sign Language - Easter Signs
Sign language for the Easter holiday.
Cause - Sudden Hearing Loss - Rush Limbaugh
Sudden hearing loss has affected Rush Limbaugh.
Jobs - How to Become a Captioner
With captioning being mandatory, there has been increased interest in the captioning field. Information and resources for hearing people interested in careers in captioning.
Problems With and Removing Ear Wax
Learn about ear wax and the problems it can cause, and also about ear wax removal.
Challenges of Learning Sign Language
Is it too hard to learn sign language? Personal challenges in learning sign language, the opinions of other people, and articles on the difficulty of learning sign language.
Cochlear Implant Surgery
What happens in a cochlear implant surgery.
Cause of Hearing Loss: Meningitis
Meningitis a dangerous illness that can strike at any age, and victims that survive often suffer hearing loss.
People - Deanne Bray - Deaf Actress and...
Deanne Bray, a deaf actress, stars in Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye, on the Pax channel.
Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can cause discomfort, but it is treatable.
Pathological Point of View on Deafness versus...
There are two types of views of deafness - the pathological and the cultural.
Cause of Hearing Loss - Sudden Deafness
More people lose their hearing suddenly than you might think.
How can I interpret my audiogram after a...
How to understand the audiogram you get after a hearing test.
Deaf or Hard of Hearing? What's the Difference?
Many people don't know what the difference between deaf and hard of hearing is. The truth is, there isn't really that much of a difference!
Education - Scholarships and Financial Aid for...
There are many scholarships or financial aid available specifically for deaf/hard-of-hearing students or those studying interpreting or deaf education.
What information is there on attention deficit...
Resources on attention deficit disorder and deafness.
Jobs - Careers for Hearing People in Deafness
Careers for hearing people wanting to work with deaf people.
Financial Aid for Hearing Aids and Cochlear...
Financing hearing aids and cochlear implants, due to their high prices and the cost of surgery, can be challenging. Here are some sources of help.
People - Curtis Pride
Curtis Pride, a professional and minor league baseball player, happens to be deaf.
Hearing Loss - Communicate with Deaf or Hard of...
With a few simple changes to their behavior or the communication environment, hearing people can easily communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people.
Lipreading (or Speechreading)
Lipreading, or speechreading, is an invaluable communications tool for deaf and hard of hearing people.
Hearing Loss and Children - Top Causes of...
Hearing loss in children is caused by many things. These are the top known causes of deafness and hearing loss.
Deaf Culture - "Cures" for Deafness
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Sign Language - Letters K through T
Fingerspell the letter Q. Deafness. Page 7.
Cochlear Implant Failure - Reimplantation and...
Newly implanted cochlear implants sometimes have to be removed and the patient re-implanted.
Deaf History and Heritage
Different aspects of deaf history and heritage, such as the Deaf President Now movement, and the history of cochlear implants.
Jobs - Employment Resources in the Deaf Community
Resources for finding jobs in the deaf community.
Deaf Community - South Africa
South Africa has a well-established deaf community, well-served by schools, organizations, service agencies, and more.
Sign Language - Sign Language in Spanish...
Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico have their own Spanish sign languages.
People - Lou Ferrigno - Hard of Hearing Actor
Lou Ferrigno, a hard of hearing actor and bodybuilder.
People - Thomas H. Gallaudet
Thomas H. Gallaudet is the father of deaf education in the United States.
Signing Games
Forum members answer a question about sign language games for learning sign language. Page 3.
Deaf Community - New York City
The Deaf and Hard of Hearing community of the New York City area, and the social opportunities, social services, interpreting agencies and captioning services in the New York City area.
What Does Deaf Speech Sound Like?
About deaf speech and what it sounds like, plus the impact of speech intelligibility on deaf children.
Common Questions About Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing aid batteries are the topic of this interview.
Recycling Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing aid batteries need to be disposed of safely, and recycled.
Deafness and Hearing Loss
Deafness and hearing loss topics, ranging from sign language to causes of hearing loss.
Sign Language - PSE
Pidgin Sign(ed) English is a form of sign language that is between ASL and English.
Deaf and Music
Music can be enjoyed by and plays an important role in education for deaf people.
Deaf People with Autism
Some deaf children are also autistic.
Sign Language Word Reference Guide
Looking for a sign? Check out this A-Z reference guide for the signs to words and phrases.
Sign Language Interpreters - Interpreter...
Finding an interpreter to hire can be challenging. Here is a list of interpreting directories and sources for lists of interpreting service agencies.
Deaf Community - India
Deafness information for India, including schools and nongovernmental organizations.
People - Thomas Alva Edison - Hearing Impaired...
Thomas Alva Edison not only was a great inventor, he was hearing impaired too.
New Advances in Bone Conduction Hearing Aids
baha bone anchored hearing aid conductive hearing loss single sided deafness attract magnet system
Herpes Simplex and Hearing Loss
Herpes simplex is a known, rare cause of hearing loss.
People - Dummy Hoy - Deaf Baseball Player
Dummy Hoy was a deaf baseball player who may belong in the Hall of Fame.
Progressive Hearing Loss
Learn about progressive hearing loss, which is when hearing becomes worse over time due to a variety of causes.
Deaf Parents with Hearing Children
Resources for deaf people parenting hearing children.
People - Laurent Clerc
Laurent Clerc is one of the most-honored deaf men in history. Learn how he brought deaf education to America.
Deaf Culture - Deaf Theatre
Deaf theatre past and present, education in deaf theatre, resources on deaf theatre, and deaf playwrights.
Profile of William C. Stokoe, Jr.
Profile of Dr. William C. Stokoe, Jr. whose research proved sign language is a true language.
Veterans and Hearing Loss
Veterans and hearing loss - what help is available for them? Page 2.
Cause of Hearing Loss - Connexin 26
Advances in genetics have enabled scientists to identify genes that cause hearing loss. The hearing loss occurs from a mutation in the inner ear.
Deaf History Month
Deaf History Month is a month that celebrates key events in deaf history.
American Sign Language Idioms
Part of deaf culture includes American Sign Language idioms, idioms used only by the deaf community and that do not appear in regular spoken English.
Cochlear Implants
Cochlear implants are surgically-implanted tools that can restore some hearing for many deaf people; however, they are not not a cure for deafness.
Why Don't Some Hearing Parents of Deaf Children...
About Deafness/HOH forum members discuss why some hearing parents do not or will not learn sign language to communicate with their deaf children who use sign language.
Sign Language - Why Learn Sign
Why learn sign language was discussed by forum members.
Australian Sign Language - Auslan
Auslan is the sign language of Australia. Resources for learning Auslan.
Audiology - ABR versus OAE
Auditory brainstem response (ABR) and otoacoustic emissions testing (OAE) are compared in this article.
Use Sign Language in English Order With Signing...
A look at one form of communication and instruction, the use of Signing Exact English.
Deaf Literature - Stories and Poetry by Deaf...
Stories, poems, and autobiographies by About Deafness visitors.
Deaf History - Deaf People - Television Fifties...
Deaf people have appeared on television since the 1950s.
Deaf History - History of Sign Language
History of sign language. Deafness.
Deaf History - Deaf Peddlers
Deaf peddling used to be a common thing; thankfully it is not anymore.
Deaf Culture - Deaf of Deaf
One of the most interesting aspects of the deaf community is the presence of people who are deaf of deaf, and multigenerational deaf families.
People - C.J. Jones
C.J. Jones has a long record as an deaf and African-American actor/comedian.
Work and Being Deaf
Articles on employment within the deaf and hard of hearing community.
Popular Cochlear Implant Articles
The most popular cochlear implant articles at About.com: Deafness.
Marlee Matlin Biography
Actress Marlee Matlin, Academy Award-winning actress and star of the 2008 cast of Dancing With the Stars, is perhaps one of the more well-known deaf individuals. Read more about Marlee Matlin.
People - Andrew Foster
Andrew Foster is a deaf African American who started schools for the deaf in Africa.
Deaf History - History of Gallaudet University
A brief look at the ongoing history of Gallaudet University.
Hearing Aids - Too Expensive?
Hearing impaired people whose hearing losses are not severe enough for cochlear implants must use hearing aids. The problem is, hearing aids are not usually covered by health insurance plans. Learn more about the high cost of hearing aids.
Before You Get Hearing Aids
Before you get hearing aids, you need to learn about different types of hearing aids, financing, care, and more.
Deaf Movies
These are the best movies about deafness that I have seen, or that are recommended by About.com: Deafness visitors.
Sign Language - ASL Poetry
ASL poetry is the telling of poems, usually original poems, in sign language.
Cause of Hearing Loss - Autoimmune Inner Ear...
Autoimmune inner ear disease is one of the lesser known causes of hearing loss.
Deaf Community - China
China has a large deaf population, plenty of schools, does research, and more.
Hearing Aids - Insurance for Hearing Aids
Insurance coverage for hearing aids, or the lack thereof.
What is an Audiologist?
What is an audiologist? What is the difference between an audiologist and hearing aid dispenser? What is the difference between an audiologist and ENT?
How Do We Hear?
Frequently asked questions about the basics of the ear
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Gay Community
The deaf and hard of hearing gay community.
Fluctuating Hearing Loss
A hearing loss that goes up and down is called a fluctuating hearing loss.
Deaf History - History of Closed Captioning
The history of closed captioning on television and home video.
Deafness and Balance Problems
Balance problems are common among people with hearing loss.
Sign Language Fun With Games and Puzzles
Games and puzzles, in books, board games, and online games for learning and practicing sign language either alone or with friends.
Deaf-Hearing Marriage
The reality of a deaf-hearing marriage.
Deaf Timeline
Selected articles at About Deafness/HOH, organized in a timeline.
Music in the Ear - When Deaf People Hear Songs...
Sometimes deaf people, particularly older deaf people, will hear music in their heads. This can cause them to question their sanity, but it is only musical ear syndrome.
Signs for Food
Examples of how to sign words related to food.
Waardenburg Syndrome
Waardenburg syndrome can cause hearing loss, and several other symptoms as well.
Mumps Can Lead to Deafness
Mumps effects include deafness. Although the mumps have largely been reduced, the virus still exists.
Ear Wax and Hearing Aids
Wearing hearing aids or using an earmold can create a buildup of ear wax and lead to other problems.
Multicultural - Deaf and African American
Deaf African American/black people.
People - Douglas Tilden - Famous Deaf Sculptor
Profile of the famous deaf sculptor Douglas Tilden.
Learn About Kenny Walker, a Deaf Football Player
A look at the career of a deaf professional football player named Kenny Walker.
Profile of Terrylene - A Deaf Actress
Profile of Terrylene, a deaf actress.
Sign Language Basics
Learn about sign language, its different flavors, and ways to have fun with sign language.
Rexton Hearing Aids
Profile of Rexton, a brand of hearing aids manufactured by Siemens.
People - Laura Bridgman Julia Brace
Laura Bridgman and Julia Brace, two deafblind girls, preceded Helen Keller.
People - Louis Frisino
A look at the career of Louis Frisino, a deaf artist.
Deaf Culture - Jonah Syndrome
Sometimes the hearing world is inconsiderate of the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people even when something is deaf-related.

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