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Feeling More Isolated

Share Your Story: Losing More Hearing

By ians1958

Updated January 29, 2011

How much hearing loss did you have to begin with?

I was diagnosed with what was described by my audiologist as a "mild to moderate" hearing loss about 2 years ago. At the time I remember my loss ranged between 30db in low frequencies to 50/55db in high.

How did you start losing more hearing?

At the time that I was first diagnosed I was told that I had a progressive sensorineural hearing loss that would get worse but the audie couldn't say how deaf I would get or how quickly.

How did you react to losing more hearing?

It didn't come as shock because of the original diagnosis, but the rate of my loss has shocked me. 3 months ago I was told that I now have a loss that starts at 45db in the low frequencies and is now between 70 and 85db in the high frequencies.

How did you cope with your feelings of loss?

When I started wearing hearing aids 2 years ago they helped a lot but because I could still hear quite a bit without them I didn't feel that I was deaf. Now I can't hear speech without my hearing aids and I can feel a little isolated and very deaf.

I'm lucky that we have a local deaf club and I go there a couple of times a week and there is an active social side so part of my coping has been to get integrated into firstly the hard of hearing culture and I'm now making new friends with people who like me have a severe or profound hearing loss. This has helped also with my learning to sign as this will probably become my preferred method of communication in the next few years as my deafness becomes more profound.

Lessons Learned

  • Join a deaf club because you are not alone. Lots of us have been through or are going through the same as you.

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