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Readers Respond: Experiences with Earwax

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Updated February 19, 2011

From the article: Audiology - Ear Wax
Too much earwax can cause hearing aid problems or contribute to hearing loss. Have you had problems with earwax? Tell others how you dealt with them.

Learn more about ear wax.

Ear Discomfort

I have been having problems with my ears for years. Last year, I was so glad when I bought two ear wax sprays from two separate foreign countries. One contains seawater and the other composes of olive oil. I did use both but I stopped using them so much after my mom cleaned my ears. She did get much ear wax and said that those sprays worked well. Now, my ears don't bother me that much. But, still they itch and so. I really wish that there is something stronger and more liquefied for removing most/all the earwax.
—Guest ernest

Use a hair bobby pin

I use a hair bobby pin it's great it captures all the wax and brings out You have to slide it in and move it around softly and slowly it definitely works sometimes my ears r so clogged I can hardly hear but this way has cleared it evrytime
—Guest Daniel

Hot Yoga

Try to regularly go to hot yoga and take a sauna. The heat makes the earwax more fluid and you can easily use some warm water under the shower to clear out the ear.
—Guest Soupspoon

Ear Wax Blocking Tympanum

... To make a long story short, I have a lot of earwax, and an otitis externa. I went to the clinic, they tried removing the wax 3 seperate times (days appart) and inbetween was told to put oil twice daily, to loosen the wax. I've been nearly deaf for more than a week because of the wax (pressing against my tympanum, thus minimizing my hearing by a lot) And I'm starting school tuesday...! (in 3 days) I can't go back like this! Saturday I'm going back for the last time to the clinic, they said if the wax (and water that has been lodged there for more than 4 days) does not come out with the shooting water, they will suck it out. BUT I WANT TO REMOVE THE WAX FROM MY TYMPANUM BEFORE.. It feels horrible! Please help! p.s; Sorry, I didn't make the story so short after all lol.: but please help :(
—Guest Frustrated girl

Visited Doctor Yesterday

I had my ears totally clogged, went to the doctor and he removed a ton of wax, he recommended to put mineral oil twice per week in the ears before going to sleep.
—Guest FCabrera

Earwax and Ear Molds

I don't know whether anyone else notices this, but I've noticed that I get more earwax in my right ear and wonder whether it's a result of wearing my hearing aid as I've got my ear mold in all day long. The wax can occasionally block my mold, so I suddenly 'go deaf' when it does. Has anyone else noticed that they get more earwax through having hearing aids/ ear molds in their ears?
—Guest ians1958

Removing Earwax Causes Problems

I visited a doc who removed my ear wax and now I am suffering,it's been 2 years now and no change,my ear dries up,flakes and gets so irritating unless I apply baby oil and that makes it better only for a few hours and i am back scratching.Please help me end this ear madness because everywhere you see me I always have an ear pad and baby oil, I want to feel normal with no pain because sometimes I feel it's the cause of my many headaches,I am miserable.

Try a Murine Removal Kit

I noticed yesterday that my left ear was slightly blocked. I first tried flushing it out in the shower with no luck. Then I used hydrogen peroxide, and while it did remove a lot of wax it didn't remove the blockage. So I used Q-tips with hydrogen peroxide and did exactly what the doctors warn you against, I pushed the wax deeper and compacted it making things worse. Finally I went to Walmart and bought the murine wax removal kit (solution and ear syringe). It worked great and removed the blockage on the first try. When they say don't use Q-tips they are not kidding.
—Guest Bundy

Use Olive Oil??

Use olive oil generously 3 times a day, will not hurt at all but will cause temp deafness after a few days wax will absorb oil and become free. Hey presto you can hear and 100% safe. (DO NOT USE COTTON SWABS) (Guide note: I do not know if this is true, but I am publishing it anyway. To be safe, check with a doctor.)
—Guest trickylad

Have an ENT Remove the Earwax

I had one general practice doctor tell me to use hydrogen peroxide a couple times a week after a shower and an ENT say it was too irritating to the ear. I have an ENT remove wax for me. Hurts but they know what they are doing.

Wipe Carefully

Just a careful wipe around with a towel or in severe case with infant used drops you can buy in pharmacist which has eucalyptus in - seems to have cleared out ear fine and not caused any problems.
—Guest shahira

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