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Readers Respond: Most Admired Deaf (or Hearing) Person

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Updated February 19, 2011

When I was a young girl, the deaf person I most admired was Helen Keller. I remember devouring all the books I could find related to Helen Keller. Today, there are many more deaf people to choose from as possible role models, both contemporary and past. Who is the deaf person that you most admire?

Read about one famous deaf person, Marlee Matlin.

Sam Edwards

Sam Edwards was a teacher, dancer, poet, story teller and mentor to so many people...he lived to dance...he was admired by so many people for his ability to look at his experiences in such a positive light...he put a positive spin on even the negative ones. He was a graduate of Gallaudet University taught American Sign Language at New York Society for the Deaf...He encouraged me to go to deaf workshops to improve my signing skills...he said "Even if you learn one thing about my culture from these workshops, it brings you closer to my world"...I admired him soooo much and still, after all these years (he died in 1989), I miss him so much...he brought much joy to my life.
—Guest Joy Kahn

My Hero, My Brother

My hero is Sean Berdy my little brother is deaf and I am amazed by him he is my idol and when I watched switched at birth I feel in love with him he is incredible and no one needs to judge people how they were born and how they talk
—Guest tera

Sign Language Interpreter Jack Jason

How wonderful that the secretary who took the call for an interperter handed the phone to Jack,one of the unknown people who had a hand in making history! God bless her.

George Veditz

First time I saw his videos just blew me away... his signing, what he had to say. It was hard to realize he was 100 years ago -- what he had to say was still completely relevant!
—Guest BEG65

My Hero - Andrew Foster

Andrew Foster was a black deaf American who had a passion to give children in un-developed countries of Africa and opportunity to read, write and sign. He knew that without the ability to communicate they would be trapped in a silent life of hopelessness, futility and poverty. With no voice they would be victims without justice. Andrew Foster did something about this situation and dedicated his life to opening schools, training teachers to teach the deaf to communicate. By the time he died in 1987 he had opened schools for the deaf in over 30 countries..and changed the destiny of untold numbers of the deaf. Andrew Foster was a man of passion and a man of action. I also have a passion to help the deaf in developing countries learn to read, write and sign. I follow in the footsteps of a true hero who showed what it means to live a sacrificial life.
—Guest Rev Michael Jarrett

Hard To Name Just 1!

I would have to choose Helen Keller. What she accomplished( w/ A.Sullivan) was beyond unreal. Marlee Matlin for being such a strong presence and helping destroy stereotypes. There are those who fight for justice, equality, & against mistreatment of those w/hearing impairment (or multiple issues). And can I just add the beautiful strong spirits like my friend T., not famous (yet!) but, like others who will go unnamed here- a strong advocate for the Deaf communities. She seeks also to educate & bridge the gap of misunderstanding between hearing & persons deaf/hoh- using patience, kindness & humor. She is one of the unsung heroes, & I am proud to call her "friend". And lucky enough to have another friend who is deafblind, who also works tirelessly to help others.
—Guest KT

Andrew Foster

My hero, is Rev Andrew Foster, a deaf missionary who opened schools for the deaf in Africa. He founded schools in over thirty African nations and changed the destiny of untold number of the deaf. He died in a plane crash on his way to another African country in 1987.
—Guest rev jarrett

I admire Hellen Keller

Because she overcome all the problems and obstacles she found on her way and become a successful member in society. A role model for many people.
—Guest Fabiana Barker

Mr. Antoine Hunter A.K.A Fire Storm

I love Antoine Hunter Deaf World known Dancer. He dances like no man I ever seen.
—Guest Michelle frost

admire deaf person

i admire heather whitestone because she didn't take sides on either side of the issue, but accepts everyone.
—Guest dondrea cody

George Veditz

To answer the question-most admire person(s) I admire is George Veditz for trying to save ASL by filiming deaf signers and coming up with the smartest quote, "As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs." Also, Phyllis Frelich has captured my admiration..its a shame she lacks the deserved recognition in media today.
—Guest Lee Dray

Fred Beam/Antoine Hunter

You know I saw Fred Michael Beam and Antoine D Hunter. Two very different artists who seemed to make a big different in the artist world. They are Amazing.
—Guest One Who Dream

Matt Hamill

Matt hamill is a Pro UFC fighter i belive he is one of most sucessful deaf athletes....
—Guest Kyle B.

Howie Seago and Billy Seago

I most admired Howie Seago and Billy Seago are excellent involved with deaf drama in Seattle in Washington. Billy taught ASL to hearing or deaf children. Disappointed Howie is no longer involved Drama in Seattle Center. Howie is best actor and taught deaf and hearing teenager to be involved in Deaf Community in Seattle, WA
—Guest Margaret Adamski - Fan of Deaf Read

Admire Three People

I have three--all living. Deborah Sonnenstrahl, my art history teacher at Gally and author of the awesome DEAF ARTISTS IN AMERICA; Jane Norman who I consider a Queen of Deafness; and Phyllis Frelich, our greatest actress. All of whom should be in the public "light" more often.
—Guest Susan Cruse
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