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Readers Respond: Earmold Irritation

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Updated June 04, 2011

From the article: Earmold Allergies
Have you experienced irritation in your ears from earmolds? I have experienced it. At an early age I was putting skin lotion in my ears to soothe irritation. (It later turned out to be an earmold allergy.) How have you coped with irritation from earmolds and do you have any advice for others on how to manage irritation in the ears?

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Try This

I wash my earmolds every evening in soapy water and each morning I use a product called "Otoferm". never notice any irritation from my molds
—Guest ians1958

Use K-Y

It sounds very very odd but I use K-Y jelly. An audiologist recommended this instead of using vasoline because vasoline contains petroleum, which can destroy the earmold.
—Guest Nancy Housner
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