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Readers Respond: How Was Your Ear Candling Experience?

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Updated February 19, 2011

From the article: What Is Ear Candling?
Have you tried ear candling as a means of removing earwax? Was your experience a good one or did you have a bad experience? Some people say it works and does not hurt. But some medical associations and journals say that it is dangerous, causing burns, ear canal blockage from the wax of the candle, or even damaging the eardrum and causing temporary hearing loss. Share your thoughts here!

Learn more about ear wax.

Residue From Candle

I have tested an ear candle on myself against a control candle burned with its base completely open to air. The contents of both of these used candles were identical. While it might be possible that the warm air created by the candles is responsible for the positive reaction that some people claim, it is absolutely not the case that the contents of a used candle have anything to do with the contents of your ear.
—Guest James

Ear-Candling Fine

I satisfactorily performed home ear-candling on myself probably around 1999+/-. This included making the candles myself from a handkerchief (cut in strips, wrapped around a regular-length pencil), tediously coated in plain candle drippings (periodically loosening pencil til coating completed, for easy pencil removal) and a good-quality paper plate to catch the drippings during the actual extracting procedure. I sat on the floor, rested my head on the living room coffee-table, with a dampened towel covering my hair, face and the remaining surrounding two-foot? radius, under a cathedral ceiling, with absolutely no air movement (breezes, fans, a/c or heat pump). I had absolutely no problems at all. However, in the absence of a cathedral ceiling, (or even not) I would certainly recommend having an alert friend present to actively look for possible sparks/pops/fire hazards. No wax drainage/residue occurred. I can't even imagine how it possibly could!
—Guest Ellie Diegelmann

It Helped

I have been told by 2 ENT's I have severe hearing loss. I had great difficulty in hearing soft voices. My ears always had a full feeling, stopped up and a constant echo. I tried ear candling and I can hear and that full feeling I had has gone away. The second ENT said there was no way the ear candling could have helped me, she said ear candling is a hoax and has been proven to be so. She said the wax that I thought I got out of my ears was from the candle itself, so I burned a candle without the candle touching anything and there was no wax inside. I honestly believe the ear candling helped me hear again. I had so much "junk" in my ears. So everyone has to be their own judge. Doctors are taught science and sometimes not any common sense.
—Guest Hwy Di

Get a Professional

I totally understand the concern that doctors have about putting things in your ears but I love candling. My friend has been trained and certified and she does a great job. I think it is important to have someone professional do it. I had an ear infection as a teen and wax build up that caused my ears to need popping when I was sick. Since then, I had developed this feather feel in my left ear. It was accompanied with a dark color of wax. After candling, I never got that feather feeling again and my head felt much clearer. I love it!
—Guest Tiffany

Right Way to Do It

If you burn an ear candle freely (not in an ear), it burns cleanly. That is, no wax-looking drips appear. Burn the same candle in an ear, and you're left with residue. I'm convinced the resistance to ear candling is the same resistance more western medicine people have to eastern/alternative methods. Whenever I feel blocked up, I candle. And then I feel better! It's a wonderful, easy, inexpensive way to clear the ears.
—Guest LawLee

It Removed My Ear Wax

About 15 years ago, I awoke from a nap in a hot house, and my ear that had rested on my pillow was totally blocked. After several days, I bought an ear-wax-removal kit and cleaned my ears. I misread the directions and did it three days in a row. Still no relief, so I visited a retired medical professional, who was experimenting with the cones. The cones he used were on the expensive side--no dripping, no candles, a very slow burn with no flame. He extracted a very tiny ball of yellow ear wax, all that was left after all my cleaning. I finally went to an ear specialist, who took a good look with a special microscope. He said I had the cleanest ears he had ever seen! He said my ears were red and swollen, the way an ear looks after an airline flight. I hadn't flown in several years. After four months, the blockage cleared up on its own. I had never heard of any claims for the cone, except that it cleaned ear wax. I think a quality product and a careful, knowlegable practitioner are key.

Professional Talk

I have been in the ear business for 16 years and have seen many people that have had ear candling done only to have their canals and eardrums burnt to the point of having surgery to correct the problem. Ear candling does not work! It has been proven they DO NOT CREATE A Vacuum of any kind. It does not pull wax from the canal. The wax that is dumped out comes from the candle people. It is made from beeswax & parafin. Before trying this consult your local professional audiologist or ENT and get the truth. The ears should never be cleaned. They are a self-cleaning. The wax is there to lubricate the canal and keep it moist. Without the wax the ear canal dries up and a person is more likely to get infections. If you need to clean your ears then get an over the counter wax removal kit and do this once a month ONLY. Plese take my advise and clean your ears the correct way. I'm tired of seeing patients in my office for this problem. GET SMART!
—Guest Rodney

Get Ears Flushed

I had my ears candled and 1 week after I had them done I went to the doctor and had my ears flushed out. I seen no difference in my hearing after. The doctor flushed out a bunch of gunk that has significantly improved my hearing. I am hearing things I haven't heard in years. I think this is proof that ear candles do not remove ear wax. If you think you have wax in your ears get your ears flushed out by a professional.
—Guest debbiel

Would Never Do Again

I am not one to write reviews and when I read them I always think the people with such negative remarks are just being over dramatic. However after doing a ear candle (partly just to see what would come out and partly to see if it would help with my motion sickness) I had the worst sinus reaction. Day one my throat swelled so bad I could barely swallow and turn my head, then headaches, mucus mucus mucus blocked every airway I had to take cold medicine plus mucinex every 4 hours and this has gone on for a week without even letting up. Now I am starting to think it may be a sinus infection which Ive never experienced before. I never had any sinus issues before and I thought at first that this was just drainage but a week of no improvement has me thinking otherwise. I have been avoiding dairy and doing my best to help this situation. I am having a really hard time finding similar stories as mine and I cant be the only one who had this reaction to a ear candle.
—Guest Jaclyn

Definitely Works

Ear candling definitely works for me. I went to the ER for an earache. The ER doctor had my ear irrigated (water in a syringe) and prescribed antiobiotic drops and drops for pain relief, all of which did absolutely nothing. I had too much wax in my ear. The candles are getting it out. I'm sure it depends on how they're made, though, and the care you take in using them.
—Guest Good

Great Response to Ear Candling

I often get plugged ears especially when swimming I was blocked over a week no pain just could not hear a friend recommend trying ear candling I did and after an hour after the treatment it popped and I could hear clearly. Normally I would have had to go to doctor and do antibiotics as i have had trouble all my life so now when i am blocked more than two days I ear candle and it clears up within an hour after treatments I dont know what it does but it helps me.
—Guest ear candeling

Benefits Were Questionable

We spent a little fortune on ear candle treatments and I was really amazed to see all the stuff that had apparently come out. At a check up with our Family doctor a few days later (not a narrow minded regular doctor....) he said my sons ears where extremely clogged and he flushed his ears after loosening all the build-up with special ear drops. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw what came out of my sons ears!!! And that only days after the "therapist" had told my that my boy's ears were totally clean! My son had enjoyed the treatments but I think the only real benefit was in the "therapists" bank account.....
—Guest Evelyn

It Was Ok

I have had my ears candled several times and each time it removed wax from my ears not from the candle. I have never had a problem.
—Guest Dianne

Cleared Sinuses Too

Have had it done many times over the years. What really sold me was when the lady told me that my sinuses (which were clogged) would drain in 24 hours - and they did!
—Guest Carol

Love it

I personally feel soo much more clear headed and less congested in general.. i love the feeling during and after i do the candling... i'm actually going to have my sister try it tonight with me. Hope she likes it as much as i do.
—Guest jhill
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