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Readers Respond: Video Relay Service Interpreting vs Community-Based Interpreting

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Updated March 29, 2011

From the article: Internet Relay Services
Are you a sign language interpreter, and did you choose to become a video relay service interpreter, or a community-based interpreter? Why did you make that choice? How would you compare the experience of video relay service interpreting to community-based interpreting?

Community-Based - Apartment Building

I am a community-based interpreter, working with hearing impaired persons at an apartment building. I am also a CODA and have been on my job for over 23 yrs. My biggest concern with the VRS/VP system is that since I have more than 30 hearing impaired residents and quite a few on my waiting list. I loved the idea of having my own VP in the office because then I could accept incoming calls from all over the state from persons looking for housing. But, during a time I was away from Foxwell my VP system ws snatched from me due to no activity while away working at other properties, but I'm back and feel left out of the loop. I missed that one on one touch as I would have with a hearing person looking for housing. It's even harder when our own residents have to come all the way down stairs to get information, place a work order, or even an emergency. When they would have direct access to me from their home as all the other residents. I love doing what I do and wish I could do more.

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