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Hearing Music in the Ear?

By May 7, 2004

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Interesting question (for which I don't have an answer) from an About Deafness visitor:
My father, who is 91 years of age, is completely deaf in his right ear and partially deaf in the left ear. For about one month, he has been hearing music in his right ear only...he says it is not music going through his mind, it is only in the right (deaf) ear. He tells us what song it is (sometimes the same song for several days) but it sometimes changes to another song. It is men singing in a low tone. One of the songs he hears a lot is "Maria" by Johnny Mathis. He tells us when the music slows down or speeds up. Have you ever heard of this? By the way, he is mentally stable and active and reads a lot. He told the hearing aid Dr. about this and was told to go to a regular Dr.

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May 17, 2006 at 8:07 am
(1) D says:

Interesting, I am not deaf but have experienced the same sensation. I am mentally stable and no one has an answer to why I hear music in my head, like a radio being played. Good luck finding an answer!

June 20, 2006 at 11:07 am
(2) Tammy says:

I’m 40 (hopefully mentally stable.. lol) and every now and then I hear music playing. Can’t make out the song though.

September 6, 2011 at 2:35 pm
(3) Denise says:

This amazing link will hopefully explain this phenomenon, we are experiencing this very thing with my 92 year old mum-in-law and she will not accept it is inside her head. She went at breakneck speed towards her adjacent church tonight and we had to send out a search party, but all is well, and she’s tucked up again in her own home… Old age, eh?.


July 31, 2006 at 8:15 pm
(4) Ken says:

I hear music at night, whole songs. I am singer and sometimes I hear myself vocalize. I am 30 something. This very strange and maddening at first, I am learning to get used to it.

March 30, 2011 at 1:34 am
(5) eva says:

Ken, u didn’t write if u have an appreciable hearing loss. If so, then how do u know that, being a singer, you are singing on right notes? How much feedback do u get?

August 1, 2006 at 11:38 pm
(6) Ron says:

I have described this type of event to my family and I doubt that they take me seriously. Started out with just repeating tones and sometimes they went on for days. Kind’a disconcerting. Over the years, I’ve played with this. First learning to “play” simple tunes. Am now at the point that I can create fairly complicated, multi instrument compositions. Am able to insert vocals as of late. Am wondering if this is how some of the great composers could write things out of their head.

March 18, 2011 at 2:52 pm
(7) LaRita says:

I am hearing musical melodies and instruments in my head too. I have actually made tunes and little songs now. I just want to be able to bring them out since I can’t play the piano or any instruments. I have been able to add words and make lyrics to some of them, but I started recording them in 2005. Much to my horror…I made the mistake of sharing music on my flash drive and they were on it. They laughed and laughed, but seriously later, they were supportive of what is happening to me. Is there any software that you know of that I can experiment with?

August 19, 2006 at 2:05 pm
(8) Jennifer says:

I have been researching this for just a few days and have found that it is fairly common in the elderly, with a hearing loss, who tend to live in quiet environments.
My grandmother is 87 and having the same problem. She has been complaining to management at her senior apt. for a while that her neighbors wont stop playing music (often Silent Night, the Star Spangled Banner or Amazing Grace). Nobody else hears it but her…
google search “musical ear syndrome” for more info on it. really interesting!

October 5, 2006 at 7:07 pm
(9) Janet Hoots says:

My daughter who is 25 and has undergone radiation treatment 3 years ago for a tumor, has lost an enormous amount of her hearing due to the radiation treatments. Recently she has been complaining that she is hearing music (seems like a radio station, because she can hear the announcer at times, along with the music)It has even been keeping her up at night. This will last for a few days and then go away. And a few months or so later, it happens again. I don’t think at all that she is “crazy”. I do believe that she is hearing this music. I think that maybe some people who have lost their hearing (as we know it to be) maybe they are capable of hearing things that we with normal hearing capacity can not hear. Is it not true that people who are blind are more capable of senses that someone who can see, does not have?

February 4, 2007 at 12:13 pm
(10) Christian says:

I have been having music in my mind for some years now, I have tried Seroquel with perphenazine and it does not help. Maybe it isn’t psychotic. What is it while nothing seems to help. Sometimes it is slow, or fast. Same song for serveral days. Drives me crazy or maybe mad. I don’t know where to get an answer. Please help!!!

February 12, 2007 at 12:05 pm
(11) ferdi says:

I have a major hearing problem in both ears. Since, mid January of this year 2007,when my hearing aid broke, and I had to go without one, I started to hear music in my right ear. I hear a lot of Christmas music. Mainly, it’s music I like. At first it stopped when I was sleeping, but as of lately, it now continues to play at night and I have a difficult time trying to fall a
sleep. Sometimes I have to stop what ever I’m doing and think, if it’s the music in my ear or back ground music from an intercom, It plays soft and slow, and other times it’s very loud. I’m 77 years old and basically in good health. My doctor said my only problem at my age is my hearing. Any information would be helpful.

February 12, 2007 at 11:43 pm
(12) ferdi says:

After doing a little searching, I found some interesting news about Hearing Music in the Ear. It’s called
Musical Ear Syndrome
Phantom voices, Ethereal music and other spooky sounds, many Hard of Hearing people Secretly Experience.

Neil Bauman,PH.D. explains it all in very simple non medical terms. You are not crazy, just one of the many who experience this problem. I do hope this will help many people searching for an answer to their problem.

February 26, 2007 at 12:02 pm
(13) Pat Carter says:

Iím nearly 65 and went deaf when I was around 50. About 8 years ago I started hearing instrumental music. Occasionally I can hear men or women humming or vocalizing along with the music but never distinctly enough to understand the words. Sometimes it is a tune I know but most of the time it is just beautiful unknown instrumentals. At first this drove me nuts as it happens each time Iím sitting quietly or trying to sleep. Over time Iíve grown to cherish the music. When I first lost my hearing the two things that I really missed besides the voices of those I love was the sound of music and birds singing early in the morning. Now I feel that God is blessing me tremendously with marvelous orchestra and violin music during the peaceful times in my life. I had a wonderful life as a hearing person, a wonderful life as a hard of hearing person, and I now have a wonderful life as a deaf person!

Pat Carter, Kentucky

September 4, 2007 at 9:59 pm
(14) Diane K says:

My daughter that has developmental delays and major speech issues, thought she was autistic.. but has since shown only learning disability issues..and auditory processing concerns, says she hears music all day long.. she has a beautiful voice and is in choir. I taught her things as a child by singing tunes to her before she understood language as she does now. it’s so interesting.. any info on similar issues.. please let me know. she had serious issues as an infant and had reaction to DPT shots at 4 months of age.. her hearing was shot till she was given tubes at 9 mos. and then had trouble communicating up until age 4.. weird.. but true.. she’s very stable, loving and no other issues but learning problems now. She’s a wonder of a kid. Diane K.

January 19, 2008 at 11:29 am
(15) Melinda C says:

My father recently developed this problem after he suffered a right ear infection. He is deaf in his left ear (from a previous ear infection). It is known as Musical Ear Syndrome. He thought he was going crazy. It is common in the elderly who have difficulty hearing. There may be other underlying issues as well.

January 31, 2008 at 7:41 pm
(16) jody says:

Isn’t it strange that the common factor seems to be in the right ear? For me as well..I do not have hearing problems, but I tune in to music in my ear often, can’t make it out but it definately is music!! I prefer to think that maybe it is something of a spiritual nature..

February 17, 2008 at 12:53 pm
(17) Roseywriter123 says:

I have this problem in both ears…actually more prevalent (it seems) in my left ear. I often hear opera…I think Pavarotti’s ghost is haunting me at the moment. Sometimes radio announcers and accompanying music, usually classical or spiritual. Odd…I am only 57 so I don’t think this is confined to the elderly. I choose to call it “a gift”…oh well, better than getting crazy mad over it!

March 11, 2008 at 1:50 pm
(18) Mary says:

My neighbor has been calling the police on me because she insists my children are singing “roll out the barrels” at all hours of the night. I researched and believe she has Musical Ear Syndrome. It is apparantly common in the elderly who live alone and have high levels of stress or anxiety.

March 18, 2008 at 4:38 am
(19) GJ says:

Hi, I think something like this Muscial Ear Syndrome has happened to me. I don’t hear one set of music though, it sounds like scrolling through a whole lot of radio stations, and only lasts for a brief moment. The most recent case was last week, and I heard it a lot more intense an faster before. This happened for less than 3 seconds and then I blacked-out. I am in 20′s, healthy, and very sane. I work in a technical field, which requires maths and logic. I am not sure in the recent case if the music was a byproduct what caused the blackout, or if the music overloaded me and caused the blackout. I am awaiting further tests, but started with Google to get some idea on what the cause could have been.

March 22, 2008 at 9:26 am
(20) Edye Fisher says:

My mother is 91, lives alone and is hard of hearing. She has been hearing music and thought it was coming from our neighbors. She has called me at various times of the day and night to come and hear the music. However each time I went there was no music. Now I have found on the internet other people going through the same thing. But it sounds like there is no cure for it. I will tell her to leave on her TV to have real noise her ear can hear.

April 1, 2008 at 9:39 pm
(21) Kayla says:

I was meditating and heard music in my left ear. I didnít want to stop meditating because I didnít want the music to stop. When I opened my eyes it was still playing! Eventually it stopped. It was music, not ringing or hissing. My hearing is great and I’m 59 years old. Glad to hear other people have had this experience. I compose music and liked it. Hope it happens again.

April 2, 2008 at 1:37 am
(22) Hugh Gladstone says:

I’m a 62 year old male, living alone. I hear music all the time. At times, i put my ear to a speaker and it’s always just in my head. I feel that it’s great for calm, stressless and peaceful feelings. The music puts me at ease. The only problem is that sometimes i wonder if it means that i’m going to die. It’s so pleasant and beautiful, like coming from heaven or something. At any rate, i’m a logical and grounded person, not given to fantasies. The music in my head is real and i want to know why it is happening to me. The only thing i could add is that i had been going through way too much stress. When this came, the stress went way down. I like the music too.

April 6, 2008 at 10:49 pm
(23) Terry says:

Well, I’m not the only one in the world hearing music when no one is playing it! I am 60 and have hearing loss in my right ear which rings a lot. But about two months ago I started hearing music in my left ear. It sounds like bagpipes playing, but always the same “tune” which I don’t recognize. I’m not stressed and I AM sane! It is most noticeable when I am in a quiet space and, fortunately, doesn’t keep me awake. Would be interesting to know what started it!

April 18, 2008 at 2:54 pm
(24) Russell Draper says:

A few weeks ago I was on holiday somewhere in Sweden and just as I was almost asleep one night I heard what I thought was an engine or something making a loud rumbling. It seemed to get closer, or atleast louder, until I was actually awakened by it’s volume, like a fighter jet overhead. As I came more alert the loud noise seemed to become music, and still increasing in volume I realized it was very beautiful music, organic, instrumental, synthesised, ambient, but hectic sounds. I thought who is playing music so loudly, but it didn’t seem to come from another room, rather it sounded right in the dark room that I lay. Then it stopped. A ringing sound disappeared to silence and I lay wondering what it might be. Probably it lasted a minute in total. I fell asleep again and actually forgot about it til now, because I came across this topic quite by accident while googling for a music topic. It wasn’t at all scary, however it had no explanation. I am mid 30′s and of sound body and mind.

April 22, 2008 at 3:13 pm
(25) Luci says:

I first suffered this when I was about 10 years old and had severe sun stroke. The music was in both ears. I later read the book ‘the man who mistook his wife for a hat’ and there were several case studies of stroke victims with this anomoly. I have no hearing problems.

April 30, 2008 at 7:42 am
(26) Wayne says:


Neil Bauman has a helpful book which I hope to purchses but there are good articles at the above link.

Began being awakened in jan 2007 at 2.00am hearing music and singing. Thought it was a neighbour till he died in June. Kids couldn’t hear such! Then developed Tinnitus-2 sounds-a constant peep and the sound of bells. Could also hear a muffled singing and music every night and in quiet rooms/places. I think my diagnosis is correct Tinnitus and musical Ear Syndrome. Hope the article is helpful above.

May 7, 2008 at 11:18 pm
(27) Mary Clare says:

HI ALL-I went deaf at age 50 in 1995 and had a cochlear implant done in 1996. As soon as the deafness started there was music and soothing angelic singing voices happening. When I have my own thinking thoughts –or,when I read– it develops in my head as in terms of singing those very words as I think or read it!. The singing and music rutkus never leaves. PROFESSOR OLIVER SAACKS has good books out on this very subject. Find out on the internet. I am used to all the commotion of it all– and I think I will likely end up with this issue the rest of my life.–TO all: hang in there –dispite hearing such stuff! I also have alot of wax build-up in the one ear and one ear keeps itching constantly and I have to see the ear Dr. very frequently for wax removal and ear drops to soothe it. From MARY

May 15, 2008 at 1:10 pm
(28) Rose Ann says:

My fother is hearing music in his head too. We are at stanford at this moment hopfully they can give him an answer why this is happening.

May 15, 2008 at 4:08 pm
(29) Josh gowan says:

ok i need help im only 12 but my hearing is fine i do not hear lyrics just a sond played with a bell it gets louder ive told nobody wat do i do i need help it just scares me.

July 3, 2008 at 12:51 am
(30) אלהים says:

Worry not. What you are hearing is no syndrome. It is a gift from Angels, they play this Angelic music when you are in need of instant Relaxation, Relief… Bliss.

Never forget, Angels are always waiting to help. Just ask for them and they will be there.

September 6, 2008 at 5:15 pm
(31) Robert says:

I am a 26 yo student in Colorado. I have played music my entire life, and as such an artist, I obviously heard music in my head that I felt a need to express. I was (and still am) under the impression that musicians hear music the way a painter or sculptor “sees” a work of art yearning to be unleashed from its stone coffin or blank canvas.

About six months ago, in the middle of a debate with my fiancee, the inside of my head suddenly screamed with a sound not unlike that of a symphonic orchestra tuning up – except everyone was out of tune – laid over with what appeared to be speed metal, completely raucus guitars shredding over the sound of untuned violins and tympanis being abused to their physical limits. As quickly as it had started, it dissipated and silence returned. Although I’m sure that “heated emotions” had its part to play, the intensity of the episode left me in shock and sparked a short-lived prescription of Zyprexa. While on the drug, an anti-psychotic prescribed mainly to schizophrenics, my musical ability was hampered as a whole: I was unable to continue writing music and my dreams became surrelistic horror movies, from which I would often wake up in a sweat or in pain or crying.

Since I halted the medication, my writing ability – mainly be ear – returned, but with an added “bonus”- I have, over the passed few months, suffered from can only be described as a form of synesthesia – a crossing of senses – and it has only happened when two vastly different styles of music are being played simultaneously, or say, if I am listening to music in my car and another pulls up blasting its own i.e: gangsta rap over classical or metal over jazz. When it happens my brain freezes momentarily, trying to comprehend the rythms and tones being overlaid, and then I get a horrific taste in my mouth, almost like bile. This has happened several times and I’m wondering if anybody out there has had the same kind of experience from or after Zyprexa, or if you experience the same thing period. Please tell me how you’re dealing with it, or any tips to make the occurence easier to swallow – no pun intended.

September 25, 2008 at 2:46 pm
(32) Leslie says:

I started hearing music in my left ear about 5 weeks ago. I am partially deaf in both ears, mostly my right. The music is coming from my left ear. I can hear vocals, along with the music, but can only make out just an occasional word here and there. It is exactly as if there was a radio within hearing distance, but, far enough away so as not to be able to make out exactly what they are singing. The music itself is vivid most of the time and I can make out what instruments are being played. I have never heard a DJ coming on in between songs, but, the song doesn’t always change either. It starts in an instant, as if someone had just turned on a radio. In the beginning, I was sure someone had turned on a radio, but, this is never the case. I also want to add that I have had tinnitus in my ears for probably close to 8 years by now. It is nice to hear that I am not the only one.

November 15, 2008 at 2:24 am
(33) kristin says:

I am 26 and no hearing problems. I hear a radio station dj while music is played at the same time. I know it’s rock, but I don’t know what song. It happens all the time and I’m fooled every time. I have to look around and “find” where it’s coming from and I often ask my husband if he hears something. Or I say the neighbor’s music is loud. I don’t like it. It’s not angelic and it’s not peaceful. It’s annoying, makes me lie awake at night, and look for an invisible radio.

November 25, 2008 at 3:56 pm
(34) Shelly Smith says:

My hearing is excellent. I had it tested. I started hearing things about a year ago. Sometimes I hear sounds like a tv is on in another room. You know someone is talking but can’t make out what they are saying. I also hear music. Sometimes I can hear people singing and other times just music. Other times I hear a DJ on a radio. I have also thougt someone left an alarm on in the other bedroom playing the same tune over and over.I hear these things mostly at night or early morning. I am so glad to hear that other people have heard the same things. I have a nursing background. So I have looked to a scientific cause but can’t find one. I am left wondering……

December 8, 2008 at 3:25 pm
(35) JoeRene Golenor says:

I too, hear a variety of songs in my head and
have when I was hospitalized for a knee injury
2 years ago just before christmas. Beautiful
Christmas carols and could not believe someone
was playing their music so loudly. I knew I
had something wrong when I continued to have
a whole variety of singing, even opera. I had
a head injury as a child which never bothered me. I started having head pain and the doctor
that treated me for it suggested I could have injured a nerve and even though I am 80 years old, it could just now be responsible for the
sounds. Nothing to do for it, so live with it and enjoy.

December 16, 2008 at 4:15 pm
(36) Harvey Clark says:

I am an 80 year old male who lives alone and just moved into a new home.I have been totally deaf in my right ear for years and have difficulty hearing in my left ear. I have tried expensive hearing aids but gave them up because they did not help with hearing conversations which is what I wanted them for.I have onlybeen in my new home for a month and started hearing annoying music that goes on day and night without any let up.

They are the same songs over and over 24 hours a day. I never heard of this problem until my daughter just found you on the internet. Untilthen I was blaming my new neighbors
and even had some come into my home to see if they could tell me where it was coming from.Nobody hears it but me and I cannot get to sleep at night. What can I do? Is there a medicine I can take or some way to eliminate it or I will soon go out of my mind.Any comments you have willbe appreciated.
Thank you
Harvey Clark

December 31, 2008 at 12:28 am
(37) R.Bard says:

I also hear music in my head when going to sleep at nite, but not always. Im almost 40 now and its been going on since I was a child, maybe 12 or so. I do think that being near a magnetic field , such as a ceiling or window fan, or even an air conditioning condencer located nearby intensifies the effect. I have come to wander if it could possibly be the small bones the make up the chain of bones in ear acting as a radio crystal, which requires no power to operate. It simply( a crystal radio) uses the power that the radio station broadcasts to work. Just a thought. It does seem to be a radio station because as others stated hearI hear an announcer. It used to be country, and I dislike country. Alot. Now it seems like classic rock. Every now and than you can make out the song. Its very faint. Definately not getting to me thru my ears. I have plugged and ear muffed and pillow my head and its still there. Its weird. Sure makes people look at you funny when you tell them!

January 24, 2009 at 1:10 am
(38) Snarfy says:

I hear the “1950′s radio announcer” and distant music, ONLY when a large motor is running.
This includes the air conditioner, the overhead bathroom fan, the refrigerator motor when it cycles in the middle of the (silent) night, etc.
As soon as the motor goes off, the music/announcer stops.
My house is very quiet, with no background noise. As time goes on, I may have to add some background noise, if this problem increases.

January 29, 2009 at 2:23 pm
(39) Carina says:

It started 2 days ago .I decided to researh on it because I thought I was going crazy..
I hear in my right ear this music sound over and over again but only when I’m trying to go to sleep …It’s a familiar sound ..I only told my boyfriend ..good thing he doesn’t think I’m crazy :)

February 22, 2009 at 11:33 pm
(40) Katie says:

I have been hearing classical music in my right ear. I sometimes think I hear people talking, that are not there. I am relieved that other people are going through this too. I am 35, no hearing problems, and mentally stable.

March 10, 2009 at 4:27 pm
(41) SAM says:

I am a 56 year old physician in good health. In very quiet moments I can sometimes hear an apparent radio station very distant sounding for several minutes. I can tell if a DJ is talking or if a song is playing but cannot distinguish the words. Weird.

April 15, 2009 at 9:02 am
(42) Julie says:

My 84 yr old Mum had a mild stroke and recovered very well and very quickly. However, all night after the stroke, she heard music (colliery bands and hand bells, of all things) and on and off throughout the next day. The doctor told her that it was the brain playing tricks on her post-stroke. It has been three days after the stroke now and she hasn’t heard any music yet….
Nice to know, from reading this thread, that she’s not alone!

May 6, 2009 at 7:40 pm
(43) Pat M says:

I am very happy to see that I have lots of sane company in the hearing of non-existent music! This has been happening to me for the past 3 years, I am 53 and my hearing is fine. I mentioned this strange music to my sister recently and she also hears music. Fortunately, like another person said, it mostly happens when the bathroom fan is on or some other motor. It is very strange and disconcerting though but I have come to enjoy it. Sometimes I know the song, sometimes I don’t and sometimes I do hear the ‘DJ’ talking. My husband said it was sound carrying from our neighbors through the sewer line! HAHAHA! Got a kick out of that one. We are not close enough to our neighbors that we could hear their music unless they really had it blasting and the music I hear is faint but rather clear. I feel SO much better to know I am not alone with this.

May 19, 2009 at 11:37 am
(44) Mila says:

Well I’m bipolar and hear music a lot. Sometimes it’s so loud I can’t hear people talking. Admittedly the times I hear it are when I’m quite manic and the olanzapine I take does shut it up fairly effectively.

June 15, 2009 at 3:11 pm
(45) Michelle says:

This is the first website that has provided information regarding this topic where many who experience it are not elderly. I am 49 years old and suffer from tinnitis which includes the contant ringing in both ears. Recently (January, 2009), I began hearing music that no one else could hear or explain (music I do not recognize). I called the police on my neighbor several times thinking it was guitar hero or something like that only to learn, to my total mortification, that I was the only one who could hear it. I am discouraged to learn that there is no cure and that I will have to live with this constant distraction. I have a very difficult time sleeping as the volume flucuates and I cannot control it. I am relieved, however, to learn that I am not alone. There should be more usable information available to sufferers.

June 19, 2009 at 7:30 pm
(46) david says:

I am fifty, hearing loss in boh ears. But I have heard music since I was in my twenties. It went away then came back recently. Like very distant marching band and sometimes muddles voices. Usually at night as I am trying to sleep and other noises are not as prevalent during the day. i doubt it is neighbors as I couldnt hear them without my aids on. Annoying but doesnt worry me too much

July 3, 2009 at 12:24 am
(47) Dolores W. says:

I recently developed some hearing loss and tinnitus in my right ear. For several months I’ve heard a soft, distant full choir of men and women singing a variety of songs that I’m familiar with, and a few I never heard before. These vocals are in lovely 4 or 5 part, perfect harmony but they’re annoying.

They sing at will, but I’ve learned to shut them up by talking, singing or listening to music. They also stop when I converse or hear someone on TV or radio.

I’ve discovered how to “direct” this choir. What a trip.
I just “sing” a mental tune, then inject that tune into their
frequency and In a few seconds they’re singing it. I can also make them to hold a note for as long as I want. If I can’t fall asleep I request Brahms Lullaby, they sing and I sleep like a baby.

Yes, this is true. I don’t feel crazy and I think it’s a non-threatening phenomenon of the brain. I’m researching to see how to get rid of it – without meds.

July 4, 2009 at 3:37 am
(48) Kate says:

Its going on 4am I can’t sleep because of the music I am hearing. This sounds crazy but I first heard Native American drumming..then it changed to country like a square dance and then it changed to like big band era…It got louder and louder and my house is quiet. I got up turned my computer on because I thought I was going nuts and afraid to sleep since maybe it was some sort of warning that I won’t get back up again if I go to sleep…I am in my 40′s I can hear great and I am mentally stable on no medication. I wish I had an answer.

July 19, 2009 at 3:29 pm
(49) Cheryl says:

I am 44 yrs. old I was born deaf in my left ear, and recently for unknown reasons my right ear is going deaf. For the last 6 months I have heard music in my right ear. Gets loud usually at nighttime. My dr. has put me on prednisone pills,its a steroid, and zinc sulfate. The meds help put the music in the background more, so the music is not so loud. It really helps.

July 21, 2009 at 2:56 pm
(50) Willemijn says:

I’m a 33 year old woman from the Netherlands. I hear music when I’m in the state of falling a sleep or waking up. Songs which have never been played before and all types of styles from classic to pop. Many times with people singing as well. This started in my teens. Sometimes hearing music is not caused by deafness, because my hearing tends to be better than most people..

August 4, 2009 at 9:50 am
(51) Mark Glaz says:

My Mom
is 82 she hears music a man singing at night some times in the day time and drumming allthe time this is causing her not to sleep we are very worrid
hope someone can help with this she thinks shes going crazy she is mentally stable

August 5, 2009 at 10:46 pm
(52) Nic says:

Look into this as some information.


My grandmother suffers from this. Her doctors thought she was insane but her ear doctor told us about this since he was interested in learning more about it. She was the 3rd person he met with this complaint.

August 17, 2009 at 1:21 am
(53) David says:

I am so glad I am not the only one that can hear music (left ear) can also hear constant droning sound

August 21, 2009 at 3:41 pm
(54) carol morotti says:

My mother is 93 and hard of hearing. She wears an aid in each ear. She has been hearing music in her ears for twenty years and she loves it. She will wake from a nap and tell me she is hearing a tune in her ear. Nothing she has ever heard, but pleasant. Mostly one person singing and usually male. Sometimes she can make out the words, sometimes not.
Anyway, she loves it, it doesn’t bother her, but she was interested that other people have the same phenomenon.

September 16, 2009 at 2:34 pm
(55) S says:

While I have never been a religious person, and have always been a skeptic in the paranormal types of things, I recently had a really horrific experience with my fiance (now husband) a couple of months ago in his father’s house in South Africa. The background is that his father has been been with/married to his stepmother for over 20 years in what has been a predominantly neutral, but definitely unhappy relationship. So, while I am pretty sensitive to positive/negative energies with people and places, as soon as I stepped in the house it just felt uncomfortable. My husband and I stayed in the guest room, and the whole house just had that kind of dark, enclosed feel. One night, as we were going to sleep, my, now, husband asked me if I could hear the music playing. I said no, and he asked again and again, because he could hear operatic type of music. I said no. Long story short, the next morning his green eyes had turned almost completely black (pupils dialated) and he had a blank expression and acted as if he didn’t know me. (No, no drugs or alcohol involved and we are both responsible, good people with successful careers, and quite intelligent, yet not very religious). Anyway, it freaked me out, I went to the neighbors and it was a couple days of back and forth because he seemed to only be “weird” like this when he was in that house. I refused to stay there anymore and asked that he not stay there either. He finally came clean and told me that, since he can remember from a small kid, who went to boarding school, but spent time at the house during the holidays, he has always heard faint music and “voices on the wind”, as he describes it, but ONLY in that house. I immediately became convinced that (again, while we’re not religious) there was some negative “thing” in that house. It’s never happened since or outside of the house. So, while most cases that I’ve read may be due to a physical impairment, there is a possibility that there could be a negative energy / spirit / whatever you want to call it, in or around the area you experience music or voices that other people don’t hear. In this case, I highly recommend getting the place blessed (even if you’re not religious). This discovery has helped us (my mother’s side is religious and opened our eyes to this type of “demonic” influence they call it). Just a note, during the couple days I was witnessing these things happening, my 6 year old nephew in law drew a picture of what looked like the devil (horns, tail, etc) on the white board in the kitchen with an arrow pointing to it. I have learned that some people and children and animals especially are very sensitive to paranormal types of presences. So, anyway, while you may or may not be a believer, this is another venue to look into if all else fails in resolving the music and voices problem.

Disclaimer: Approved by About.com guide. However, content may not be believable.

September 23, 2009 at 5:00 pm
(56) Josie says:

My father-in-law is 84, has loss of hearing and is suffering from this. He hears music throughout the day and night, and it seems to be getting louder.
He has some good days but mostly bad. His doctors write it off as an elderly thing, and told him it will just get worse. Has anyone received a medical explanation for this. He is on medication for various problems, heart, depression, anxiety, and I wonder if these are contributors.

October 10, 2009 at 8:08 pm
(57) Ronald Salmon says:

Thnak you all for passing along your thoughts and experiences and for taking away my shuddering fear after I developed this Musical Ear Syndrome.I am 40% left and 50% ear impared. I am in my third course of chemotherapy and took a bad reaction ending up in hospital in critical
As others, in the silence of a hospitle room, I have had running musice for about 5 days now. For the most part it has been classical rock, military,easey listening and some fun. (yes it even lulls me to sleep)

To add to the interest I developed another phenomenon which I am still researchng. It is like a Hidded Eye Syndrome. Like the Musical Ear Syndrome, the subject may find that although eyes are closed the “see” full life actions which are usually short scripts of anything that has been filmed. the actions are full life!
The subject may also be able to look at a blankwall, out a window etc and objects willl appear to mmove.

I get anciennt maps of Egypt, Persia, New York, and a lot of other junk this is hard identify. They eye actions stops if you blink so it is short termm unlike in a dream, your body actions will occur. Forexampe, in the episode you saw behind closed eyes involved someone attacking you, you might swing out your arm. YOU WILL. so caution here folks.

I wouldl be curious if anyone else has had that experince.

Thank you fofr the info.
PSS Blog master — well done, much better than most other blogs

November 8, 2009 at 9:18 pm
(58) Sac says:

I have had this problem for 2 weeks. 48 hours ago, I experimented and stopped a relatively new medication . After 24 hrs. I have been music free, first time in 2 weeks. I have high hopes. I also have the sound of a chain saw in my R ear, and my L ear is my worst ear for hearing. Hopefully that will subside soon. If the music stays away, I’ll be a happy camper. Sac

December 25, 2009 at 4:29 pm
(59) Ret says:

I am 34 and suffer no hearing loss whatsoever. I can assure you I am perfectly sane and function with happiness humor and pleasure in most of my endeavors. This phenomenon has been occuring to me for the last year or so, and I’m not bothered in the least! How could anyone complain about music? It’s wonderful! Each time I am given the opportunity to hear the music I am fascinated. This is a gift people! Did you know that Paul McCartney litterally dreamt the song “Yesterday”? It was being sung in his ear while he slept. Can anyone question his mental stability? I think not.

January 13, 2010 at 4:25 pm
(60) look2thelight says:

I just turned 50 at the end of 2009. For the past few weeks I have been hearing songs playing over and over again in my head. They have ranged from anything way back like “Rockin’ Robbin” to the more current “Man In The Mirror.”

Mostly I like the songs I ‘hear’ but always find them a distraction, except when I’m going to sleep. I like hearing the music going to sleep, I don’t need to put ‘real’ music on and set timers to have it go off.

It’s almost always when the environment is quiet.

There was a time about 10 years ago I was working diligently to find love for every person on the planet…and trust me, that takes work. BUT, after about three months of that I began waking up to the most beautiful celestial music.

Time marches on, I’m still a loving person, but not working on loving everyone like I did then. The morning celestial music has stopped. :(

I’m a web developer and if I don’t play soothing music while I’m programming, my brain seems to kick in and make its own. It’s not such a bad thing, unless I don’t enjoy the specific music and can’t change it. Sometimes I can change it.

If this is just the brain replaying things heard before I’m ok with that and just hoping to get more control of it. But usually the only way to stop or change it is to just do something different temporarily, read news, listen to something ‘real’ – anything.

But is has been more uncontrollable and bothersome recently which resulted in my web search and finding this page. I find it interesting that so many are experiencing this.

Thanks for sharing.

January 14, 2010 at 7:31 pm
(61) Steve says:

Glad I found this page. Very helpful. My just recently started and it’s like a Sirius radio broadcast of Christmas music over and over with an Occasion Dj breaking in. Yikes am I tired of Frosty the Snowman and Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas


February 7, 2010 at 9:35 pm
(62) Loretta says:

I thought I was going crazy when this singing started in my right ear about four months ago. I didn’t want to tell anyone, but finally told my husband. It started shortly after my mother and brother’s funerals. It is a hymn that was played at my mother’s funeral. It only stops when there are other noises around. I also have buzzing in my left hear that started after I had ear surgery for otosclerois. I am glad to hear that others have this same problem.

February 14, 2010 at 1:59 pm
(63) lib says:

I have been hearing music in my ears for years. It stopped until recently. I am 47 and in the health care profession where there is a reason for everything. Three nights ago it started again. Usually, it is a sound of a radio that is going in and out of range. The music used to be big band type music. I could never make out the songs because I do not know that music. Now,it is rock and roll from the 60′s or 70′s. It fades in and out. Just glad to know that I am not insane.

February 23, 2010 at 1:35 am
(64) Corey says:

I’m 14 almost 15 and have been hearing classical music in my head. I’ve never heard of the songs, I play it on the piano and no one else knows them either. I say them because it’s never the same song twice. At first it was only mildly annoying but a few months ago the volume of the music would get so loud I couldn’t do anything except close my eyes and pray it was over soon. Recently the episodes have been coming more frequently but they don’t last as long.I’m Psychotic Depressive, bi-polar, and have a bad case of S.A.D. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and my mom thinks I’m making it all up and refuses to take me to the doctor. I just really want an answer.

March 10, 2010 at 6:36 pm
(65) Alex 38 says:

This is funny, it happened to me about 40 minutes ago, Women singing in my left ear, while I was at my computer. Lost hearing in my left ear last weak and see the Doctor on friday. It’s much fainter now after listening to a portion of an mp3 lecture on Atheism lol

March 15, 2010 at 10:53 am
(66) Sara says:

This just happened to me!! I’m a 25 year old uni student and completely sane. I was over at Mum’s house just having a chat and all of a sudden really loud music was playing in my left ear for about 5 seconds..it definately sounded like old music on a radio station. I think some how my ear may have tuned into a radio station, I thought maybe it was my earring? I hope it never happens again. I just googled “musical ear syndrome” and I dont like that they are calling it a hallucination.. it was a real radio station some how tuning into my ear

March 21, 2010 at 1:55 am
(67) Angie says:

It seems like a ratio station. It first happened when I was 23; I was sleeping on my sofa and got up to turn off my roommates radio or tv. I could barely hear the conversation but just the pitch. There was nothing on in the house. I thought it might be a noisy neighbor but when I listened outside I couldn’t hear anything. It is the strangest thing…and I only hear in complete silence. To this day I am confused.

April 15, 2010 at 8:28 am
(68) Monica says:

I have “Doe ray me” playing in my head right now. It repeats over and over. I thought I was losing my mind. I spoke to my musicion brother about it, and he said alot of his music friends have the same issue. A doctor told them it was due to hearing loss. It only happens inside my house when I’m sitting still. But it’s usually happy music, so that’s good. The songs are usually from musicals. HA!

May 17, 2010 at 9:52 pm
(69) craig says:

funny, I allways have a song in my head.. ALLWAYS.. it never leaves and it could be any song, its usually something i have been listening too recently. As a result of this I am constantly singing, humming, snapping my fingers, drunmming on any surface that makes a sound when hit.lol and it really messes up my concentration.. when im trying to think or read the music messers me up and I get all flustered.

June 25, 2010 at 3:53 am
(70) Isabella says:

I have also heard the “star spangled banner” and “silent night”. Strange coincidence that someone else here also heard what I heard: I mean with all the music in the world to hallucinate! I am not convinced that these are entirely auditory hallucinations, and nothing more. I have heard voices telling me things that have not happened yet, and eventually do happen. And, it always comes from my air conditioner, and dehumidifier. Sometimes I hear it in water when I turn on my faucet. I have control in that all I have to do is turn my water, and AC off, but I love hearing the music.

By the way, I am in my 40′s, in great health, and hear well. My mother has hearing problems, yet she never hears music.

Until there is solid evidence, we should keep other possibilities open, and an open mind. Would love hearing from a physicist. Maybe some of us are capable of picking up rare frequencies, no one else can pick up; like other animals…dogs, for example.
Let us please not settle for MES.

July 11, 2011 at 3:55 pm
(71) Beth says:

My mother is almost 80, legally blind and somewhat hard of hearing. She has been hearing music for years. She sometimes will sing along…She has also heard SILENT NIGHT many many times and THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER. She never hears voices, just music..sometimes an organ or piano ..and sometimes a whole orchestra. She will be so happy that I found this website!

June 25, 2010 at 11:38 pm
(72) Brandon says:

Isabella, you have totally shocked me with your comment. I hear the EXACT same thing as you do, “Silent Night”.. it is freakin’ scary! I often think I’m goin’ mad! I do have Muscular Dystrophy, type FSH. Major depression, and severe anxiety. So I’m not sure if any of those (well probably depression), that plays into this scenario. It sounds like a choir.. a choir of young children. I wish I could contact you so we could share experiences!

August 6, 2010 at 2:50 am
(73) Janet says:

well, I am very glad to see I am not alone on this subject! I am 29yrs old, no hearing problems, mentally stable and have experienced music in my ear since my grand parents passed away 11yrs ago. At first I didn’t associate the two together until, in random conversation, my cousin and I, who is ten yrs older than me said that her and her twin sister experience the same thing and that it was our “nana and papa”. I am also a twin, my sister does not hear anything like we do. It’s a comforting idea to think it could be a loved ones presence who has passed… possibly a guardian angel… or something on a spiritual level.
Thank you to everyone who has posted their stories, it really is nice to know you are not crazy!!! =)

August 11, 2010 at 10:20 am
(74) Jackie says:

I am in my 40′s and just started to hear music and voices at night when trying to fall asleep. I recently visited Salem, Massachusetts and was told by two different psychic mediums that it was “spirits” communicating to me. Both mediums stated that you have to tell the “spirits” to leave you alone – they are not welcome. One psychic stated they have to stop when you ask them to do so. I’ll let you know if it works!

September 13, 2010 at 4:51 am
(75) Anna says:

Wow, I didn’t know so many other people had the same thing happening to them. Well, for me it’s not really an issue of hearing it, but not hearing it. When I was in my late teens it would happen quite a lot, usually when I was about to go to sleep or wake up. I’d hear music like a radio being clicked on. It was a literal clicking sound in my ear and my ear would suddenly ‘tune’ in and I’d hear music. At the time I’d know what the music was, but by the time I woke up I’d forget. I could also change the ‘station’ with a click of my ear or a blink of my ‘eyes’ and hear something else. It was pretty neat.

Another time, for fun, I attempted some meditation and was in some sort of middle state between asleep and awake and could hear a beautiful orchestra. Then I realized I could add my own instruments and I did. It was strange because I was able to create my own music with crazy finesse, like I actually knew what I was doing.

Another thing that used to happen around the same time was hearing voices. Nothing clear, it was just like my ear was picking up bits and pieces of conversations, all overlapping each other. For some reason it always felt like real time to me. The music too, but not all the time. I believe I too have heard a DJ talking. Maybe I was actually picking up radio stations, who knows. Sure sounded like it.

I suppose it has something to do with being able to lucid dream (realizing you’re dreaming when you’re dreaming and controlling your dream) as well. I don’t do any of this very often anymore at all, but the music does spring up once and awhile and I miss having it around on a regular basis. The music was always such a fun and beautiful experience.

As for my own hearing, I’m 26 years old and have a sneaking suspicion that I might have trouble hearing at times, but my hearing is also very excellent at times. As for real music, I can always point it out, even if it’s very faint and far away. It’s like my brain/ears perk up. So for me I figure it’s a mix of things. Actually hearing radio stations at times and some other stranger, spiritual reasons.

September 21, 2010 at 5:55 pm
(76) KB says:

My sister and I (early 40′s) just discovered that we each have a radio station playing in our left ear only, in the middle of the night, random, coming from nowhere, like an a.m. talk show. We live in different states, and are possibly crazy, but now happy to see that others also have radio stations playing in one or another particular ear. Hoping for an answer.

September 22, 2010 at 8:11 pm
(77) LM says:

Okay, I came to this page because I just did a google search after experiencing something really weird. I was sitting at the kitchen table, and all of a sudden I got a ringing in my ears. All background sound went away, and it sounded like a radio station started playing in my right ear, very low. As if I had headphones a couple of inches away from my ear. Then the music went away, and just the ringing remained for a couple of seconds. Total in all, the whole esperience lasted about 5-7 seconds. Possibly up to 10 seconds, but no more than that.

I am very freaked out right now. What the heck just happened? I will give my age, and medical condition, and would like anyone else that comes across this page to do the same. Just to see what we all have in common, because this is just really weird.

I am 41, I have diabetes, and high blood pressure.
I take metformin, atenolol, and pravastatin for cholesterol.

I have had a cold for a few days, with a stuffy nose and sneezing.

Another reason I find this odd, is because my 5 year old son is experiencing something weird as of lately. He has been complaining that everyone looks “far away”. I looked it up, and it sounds like “alice in wonderland” syndrome. I plan on taking him to the doctor for it.

So, my son is seeing odd visual things, and I am hearing things. Is this just coincidence? Or is something bigger going on here? It is a little frightening.

October 28, 2010 at 10:20 am
(78) Kaye says:

Just found this page while googling as I’ve had music in my ears for a number of years.
I don’t hear singing just tunes that I know. Have had Advance Australia Fair (I’m Australian) for about 1 week now. I’m slightly deaf and I’m going to ask audiologist next week when I get my first hearing aid.

I also get bad migraines and wondered if there is a connection there.

Glad to know I’m not going nuts!!!!

November 15, 2010 at 6:52 pm
(79) Bob V says:

I hear music and DJ’s all the time between wake and sleep. Last night, I heard a phone conversation between 2 friends that may not have happened yet. I was awake so I know it was not a dream. Has anyone experienced being able to hear a phone conversation?

December 8, 2010 at 7:34 pm
(80) Aimee says:

there is a very interesting short lecture on ted.com called What Hallucination Reveals About the Brain. dr. oliver sacks discusses charles bonnet syndrome, brain function, and the fact that 10% of the elderly people whom he had surveyed who had experienced a partial or complete loss of either vision or hearing had also reported experiencing either visual or auditory hallucinations. i gathered from it that it was the brains natural hyperactive response to a lack of stimulus in the areas that control those senses. the lecture is much more interesting than i could let on. please check it out!

January 6, 2011 at 8:29 pm
(81) Arlene says:

Well I am most certainly have no hearing problem, I am 25 and have been hearing music in my head for years now. Am so used to it, it actually helps me sleep sometimes. Mostly I hear choral music. Full church choirs, and I’m not religious at all, high and low voices all together. Sometimes it’s the radio, and sometimes just soothing music. Often while I’m standing in the bathThe extractor fan above me in the ceiling, I can hear full conversations often with more than one voice. Random conversation between people I don’t know. Sometimes I hear people that I know very well, however far away, clear as daylight.
Am I going mad?

January 8, 2011 at 6:53 pm
(82) RBM says:

Interesting to find this thread pop up first in Google. I am hearing music (?) in my right ear now and it just started within the hour.

I am a 57 yo male who was diagnosed with a high frequency hearing loss when inducted into the military in ’78. Since then I have developed a significant case of ringing in my ears with all possible variations – one ear, both;volume up in one, down in the other, increasing frequency, decreasing frequency.

But this is the first time it has been what I would characterize as music.

April 6, 2011 at 2:44 pm
(83) RBM says:

An update -

Right ear only is experiencing a slight pressure and an occasional tinkling which remind me of the sound of wind chimes. A seemingly related matter is when I ‘chomp’, while I have this symptom, I get a short echo effect across both ears.

January 16, 2011 at 3:25 am
(84) E.E.C. says:

I’ve been hearing “radio” at night for about 25 years when I’m in bed at night but prior to falling asleep. During this time period, I’ve lived in 2 different houses, and it has also happened when I’ve been in hotels out of town. The common factor is a fan or air conditioning unit running in the room. At first, I thought a neighbor had a loud radio on, and I’d get up to put my ear to the wall. I’ve told my husband and kids, but they never hear anything. It’s interesting because often I hear music (a wide range of genres), sometimes a DJ type voice, and sometimes different people talking as in interviews or news broadcasts. Sometimes I recognize the music or clearly hear some of the spoken words. It’s been suggested to me that this is a form of Hypnagogia, but I don’t believe so as I’m always fully awake – I sometimes sit up or get out of bed, and then when I lie down it starts again. I’ve always assumed this is due to my brain trying to create something logical out of the ambient fan noise, similar to “seeing” faces or images in clouds or random designs. I’m sure I’m not losing my mind as it’s been going on for so long. However, I have to admit it’s a relief to hear of others experiencing the same thing!

August 4, 2011 at 10:40 pm
(85) roxane says:

Thank you so much for sharing. I have the exact same symptoms and thoughts as you. When there is a fan or an ac unit, I hear music, most of the time it sounds like heavy metal. I also do think it’s our brain tring to find a pattern out of the noise we hear. We’re not going crazy!

January 19, 2011 at 2:53 pm
(86) Valary says:

I googled my symptom and found this forum topic. I have only 30% hearing in my left ear…according to an ENT Dr. I visited. A few moments ago I was hearing a faint radio station in my left ear. Sound is low but definitely radio. Thing is I have the TV on watching it and can only the music in my left ear. So, now I must read through this forum and keep researching the topic. I have never heard of anything like this. If I’m lying on my right ear I can only hear low muffled sounds when others speak or tv is on. We only listed to radio in our car. Our neighbors homes are too far apart to hear if they had/have music playing. Even if they did, I would surely hear it in my right ear also.

February 4, 2011 at 5:25 am
(87) mary says:

Hi had to write this, My mother is 76 and has been suffering with this music in her ears since christmas, came on the site and found out what it was. She was getting really depressed with it and I had to go and but her a new telly for her bedroom with headphones just so she could watch something, but all the while this music was playing. She has been taking sleeping pills from the doctor just to try and get a few hours sleep.

She called me this morning to tell me that she had a really bad night last night and the pain in her head was so bad she was starting to feel unsteady on her feet and the noise in her head was like a stuck record and very loud she was contemplating taking the rest of the pills just to get rid of it.

Being a religious person she decided not to and instead prayed to all the saints asking for help.

She took her sleeping pill and went bed at 9pm and fell asleep. She woke up at 3am and nothing she woke my dad and asked him to talk to her and she said she could hear him perfectly. She stayed up and when she called me at 9am she had not heard a thing and she could hear me perfectly over the phone.

I am praying now that this is the end of it and not just a reprieve.
We have an appointment soon with an audiologist so I am hoping they will tell us if there are or were any problems with her ears that may have started this off and have now stopped it.


February 12, 2011 at 1:41 pm
(88) noiseteeth says:

I have heard music in my head and found out t6hat my fillings were picking up a radio station. no one believed me at first but I finally got them to believe me. the dentist said it was posisible even tho.lol myth busters said no. it is really true because it happened to me

March 26, 2011 at 2:54 pm
(89) JACKIE says:


March 30, 2011 at 2:00 am
(90) eva says:

I have been hard of hearing since early childhood & don’t know how my deafness originated.
I’m now 63 yrs and have such bad hearing that I cannot understand speech, unless I face the person, and maybe then…have become a good lip reader, but not good enough for groups,etc…
My husband hears “perfectly”…as good as anyone, I mean, but does not appreciate music at all….go figure!
I, who is so “deaf”, love music! How do u figure that out?
I do not hear any songs, as such; I just love singing along in a good melody, but being deaf, how do I know if I’m in tune, so I don’t…except on my own…
Has anyone any answers about Beethoven….who composed his greatest symphonies, when he was practically stone-deaf…some say, so as to confound others, who find them so hard to actually put into music…
Beethoven “heard the music that he composed in his head”!
I find the case of music, deafness, Beethoven, etc fascinating!

May 26, 2011 at 11:05 am
(91) james uk says:

my grandmother has recently being complaining of persistant christmas carols coming from next door although i cant hear a thing and its late may!!!! she lives alone is hard of hearing and has had a stressfull time of late. thanks for the post, put my mind at ease slightly!

August 16, 2011 at 8:58 pm
(92) Chris says:

I’ve been rated deaf since 2004 because of weapon systems in the military. My Tinnitus has 4 notes ringing continously along with the Musical Ear syndrome. The same songs go on for days however I can change the song simply by singing a different song. I used to play the piano but about 3 years ago I tried to play but the notes that I’ve played for years are now completely different. I also on occasion hear people on the radio.
What works for me is to ignore the sounds.

August 23, 2011 at 4:04 am
(93) Heidi says:

I was really surprised to find so many people w/ the same problem. I am 33, in good health, excellent hearing & am perfectly sane. About a year ago I noticed that upon laying my head down I can faintly hear what sounds to be a radio station…so far it has happened 4xs..and its always different country songs/music & I can make out the words very clearly. Funny thing though, if I lift my head up (left hear facing pillow), I can’t hear the music anymore. I personally believe my right ear is more sensitive to sound and is possibly picking up distant music though lingering sound waves. I believe this because I can hear a DJ also between songs. I have no close neighbors, and when I get up to investigate sound, there is no radio/tv on in house or anything I can hear outside. All 4xs the nights have be clear skies. Is there any other scientific explanation besides “musical ear syndrome”? I’m not hearing this in my head…I can actually pick up a lower frequency at times or am I picking up a residual energy?

September 8, 2011 at 8:31 pm
(94) richard smalley says:

my mother just started hearing music in her ears a week ago. i am scared for her. i dont know what to do, please help

November 27, 2011 at 7:07 pm
(95) Angel says:

Just over an hour ago I was driving in the car with my mother without any music, nor any cars or houses or anything that could’ve created the music that I heard. It defintely sounded like the radio, it was very staticy sounding and then I heard someone singing but I didn’t focus enough to make out the words. I kept asking my Mum if she could hear it and she couldn’t hear anything. From what I’ve read on the page it seems to be associated with hearing loss – which I don’t have. But I did happen to just get off a plane and my ears have always been prone to problems especially while flying and afterwards.
This is the first time I’ve heard something that isn’t there and up until a few days ago I had never seen anything that wasn’t there. The first time I saw something was 3 days ago and it was a stick figure cartoon on my bedroom wall, so ofcourse I knew it wasn’t real, but then it dissapeared. Since then I have seen people but never have time to see if I recognize them. First off they move really slowly, kind of swaying, and then they come towards me, then they’re gone.
I sound crazy even to myself about what has happened over the past 3 days but it would be interesting to know if anybody has had any similar experiences? I do believe in spirits etc but I don’t get a ‘creepy’ feeling, I don’t feel scared or threatened nor uncomfortable. I suppose I find it more strange than anything..

December 7, 2011 at 5:21 pm
(96) NaDDaC says:

To Isabella..

I hear music from my dehumidifier too… When there’s no sound.. I can hear music from it. Sometimes I even wonder if a radio is on somewhere in my home! I cannot describe which song it is played but I surely can dissociate something from it that is musical. BTW.. I’m totally sane too!

Maybe that kind of appliance act like a radio in certain way for some reasons!?? I’ll go on YouT*be to hear these songs? Maybe it’s the same…

It’s freak to see that I’m not alone… weird thing here!

December 29, 2011 at 2:21 am
(97) lonelyxdream says:

I’m 17 and since 4 years ago,I can sometimes hear a symphony, it is a weird sound, though I don’t have hearing problems,I’m in perfect health and I’m sane as far as I know, I mostly hear it when I’m alone and it’s always coming from the work-room,I heard it when someone was there only once,so I just started looking everywhere then I stared at my mother…
me:Do you hear that?
mom:hear what?
me:that strange sound coming from the work-room…
mom:no I don’t…maybe you’re just too tired…
me:I feel fine though…
I don’t know why but the sound reminds me of the songs inside musical-birthday cards… Am I going crazy?!

January 2, 2012 at 3:43 am
(98) heenayameen says:

I m 28 and i have this problem when i m alone in room and trying to sleep .i m hearing old classical song with music and clear lyrics but once i got up i cant remember the song and music …i have also vivid dreams problem so in the morning i feel so tired headache …any body help to fix it.

February 23, 2012 at 3:35 pm
(99) MG says:

I’m not deaf or any hearing loss that I know of but I agree with someone who said he thinks hearing music in ear maybe spiritual. I never had the music in my ear until after I lost my husband. The very first time I heard it I thought the people that live behind me was playing an organ and was only at night all night. What I hear seems to be like always organ music and does always seems to be heartfelt sort of music, also Christmas music. I have come to the conclusion its loved ones (angels) playing music.
This may seems off but sometimes I have heard music when my name is being sang in with the music such as my name than saying I love you and miss you, really gave me goose bumps.. Yes it’s a little scary but at the same time it’s very wonderful to think a loved one (angel )is there by you. I have heard other things to but I won’t get into that. But the music which I never heard before my husband died is there , and as some others say it last for days sometimes and then after that not for a while

. rest of my thought is below this as only allowed so many letters here in a post & I had alot to say.:)

February 23, 2012 at 3:36 pm
(100) MG says:

con’t from my first post above

I’m glad I found this site I thought I was crazy.. Now I think im special when I can hear this it’s kind of nice to think it’s a loved one there and letting you know not to worry they are there watching over you. Maybe this is the way I want to see why this is happening but it makes sense and I think the ones who hear this are the ones who do in there is such a place after we leave this world and if you listen close you sometimes can hear more than music… NO im not crazy I just believe in there’s a place after this life and some of us experience it in the same ways and others in a different way weather it be music or a loved one speaking to you. Many people who have went to doctors were considered crazy and put in a ward or somewhere. So best keep this experience to yourself. : ) if you can’t deal with it ask them to stop hmmm : ) might work
But I love the thought my mom, grandmother, 2 brothers and husband are still here in spirit and sometimes entertaining me. don’t look at it as something awful but something special.
I believe people who do not believe in angles or after life will call you, me, us crazy.

February 25, 2012 at 8:31 am
(101) Karen says:

I did a search to see if anyone else hears music when no one else hears it. It has always happened to me if I’m around a fan, noise machine or water running. I always assumed others heard it. Not a bother, just pleasant. I wonder if we’re not somehow picking up radio waves??

March 15, 2012 at 1:58 am
(102) VE says:

Finally! Found some people like me! Started Oct 2011 with forest sounds very close – my left shoulder & over my head. Later, a male choir on the right, far away. Two mos. ago, a man I call static man came.

One night I said, “I love you and I miss you”. The choir repeated it, then, “I miss you I miss you I miss you…” for 2 hours.

Three weeks ago I learned my 12 year old grandson hears the same as I do. He began making up words to Swanee River, singing it Way down upon the Big Blue River. Instantly the choir sang it his way and have ever since.

I bought 2 books by Scott Rogo (Otherworldly & Music of the Spheres) who wrote about this phenomena 40+ years ago. Rogo listed cases he rejected. He didn’t believe a lady who heard similar music to mine, calling it too mundane. He only included those hearing music so beautiful there was nothing comparable on earth.

My forest sounds, crickets, birds & choir are “active” 24 hours a day. I’ve been grieving heavily so I know my music comes from my love in heaven. I was thinking one day of the way my husband sang the song I was hearing. It was his corny joke. No sooner had I thought that than the choir changed their lyrics to my husband’s!

In my research I’ve learned some think this phenomena comes from a 6th sense. There is life after death & we are all in touch with that intelligent life. Two weeks ago I was with my grandson amongst other family. We left the motel, jumped in the car & switched on the radio. There was my song…I love you, I miss you…it was in our heads as well.

March 15, 2012 at 1:09 pm
(103) VE says:

Wish to add: I’ve reread this thread & someone asked we list symptoms. Noting also a few samples of what I hear. I’m 74, no hearing problem, but have minor arthritis. Suffering with grief.

Two of you hear Star Spangled Banner, Rudolph the Red Nosed…, Silent Night…so do I! This flabbergasts me. Why are we all hearing the same songs? I hear hymns (Glory Halleluhah), patriotic songs (Over There from WWI), love songs, Hokey, Pokey, Happy Birthday, etc. I thought they were for my grandson, now I see it’s playing for adults, too. Why?

When one “communicates” with their music, how could that be a medical condition? Why these particular songs? Do they help heal? By irritating some? Making others laugh? Christmas songs year round!

The chorus is beautiful, often a medley in rounds with 3 or 4 different tunes overlapping. The vocal group and the forest sounds are always “on” at the same time. Static man aka DJ always talks over those 2 sounds.

This is not a sign of imminent death. I take it as a sign that the hearer is more sensitive.

The singing birds and choir cause me, quite often, to stop and reflect – listening as tho’ in a cathedral. Maybe that’s what it’s supposed to do – taking me out of my narcissistic depression once in a while. But Hokey Pokey?

March 31, 2012 at 6:27 pm
(104) Bevy says:

I, like some of those in the comments I read was afraid to say anything about my “ear music” but I see that I am not alone. I hear what sounds like mostly instrumental, maybe a saxaphone playing in the far distance. The songs are mostly those I’ve heard over the years that I know-church music mostly. A rather soothing sound, the type of music I like. One song was “When the Saints go Marching in”. Always in a low, far away sound and repeated over and over. This music was heard some time back and then I didn’t hear it, now I hear it again. Interesting. Like some of the people who commented, I wondered if it might be ‘Heavenly music.” It doesn’t freak me out. It’s rather pleasant.

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