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People - Michelle Banks - Deaf African American Entertainer


Updated November 28, 2009


Michelle Banks has appeared on several television programs:
  • Soul Food
  • Strong Medicine
and has also been in the movies and other films:
  • Malcom X
  • Compensation (lead character)

Theater Director:

Michelle Banks has formed her own theater company, Onyx Theatre, Inc., a theater company for performers of color.


Michelle Banks has had her own traveling one-woman show, "Reflections of a Black Deaf Woman."

Stage Performer:

Michelle Banks has appeared on the stage. A few examples from her resume:
  • Big River
  • Profile of a Deaf Peddler

D.C. Native:

Although she was born and grew up in D.C., Banks now resides in Los Angeles.

Articles About or Including Michelle Banks:

World Around You, a publication for deaf teenagers, featured Michelle Banks in an interview article published March/April 1998. Banks was also one of five people profiled by Essence in its February 1998 issue. Baltimore City Paper (April 26-May 2, 2000) reviewed Compensation; this article is online.
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