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Hearing Aids - Types

I'll Take a BTE..No, an ITC.., No, a CIC...


Updated June 25, 2014

Hearing aids are available in many different types, or categories. Programmable hearing aids offer different (often customizable for the individual's audiogram) programs for different listening situations such as the office/home or a noisy rock concert. Most hearing aid manufacturers offer programmable and non-programmable Behind-the-Ear aids (BTEs), and cosmetically appealing In-the-Canal (ITCs), In-the-Ear (ITEs), and Completely-in-the-Canal (CICs). Different shell styles (e.g., full, low profile, half, soft, hard) are also available.

Some BTE Hearing Aid Manufacturers

  • A&M Hearing (England-based).
  • AVR (BTE, and BTE for use with an FM system. )
  • Bernafon-Maico
  • Elkon India-based company. ITCs (their site calls them In the Kanal) and BTEs only.
  • General Hearing
  • Micro-Tech
  • Oticon
  • GN Resound
  • Rexton
  • Siemens
  • Starkey
  • Unitron
  • Widex

Many companies offer "fully digital programmable hearing aids." These hearing aids are wearable mini-computers capable of monitoring the audiological environment.

Some Digital Hearing Aid Manufacturers

  • Bernafon-Maico
  • Miracle Ear
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • GN Resound
  • Siemens

For people who are physically unable to use regular hearing aids, body aids are still available, although few manufacturers are offering them. However, these are not the bulky body aids of yesteryear. Today's body aids are slimmer and more attractively designed.

Manufacturers of Body-Worn Hearing Aids

  • Elkon (India-based company, which calls them "body-level" aids.)
  • Magnatone
  • Widex

Implantable Hearing Aids

This type of hearing aid is placed under the skin surgically, but is not the same thing as a cochlear implant. It is still a hearing aid.

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