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Police Mistreatment of Deaf

A Suspect


Updated January 14, 2011

On the way home, I ask G. about where the property was stolen, and he tells me it was from a truck at the local ComputerLand store, and tells me how.He also mentions that there are some other computer equipment robberies happening in the area, with the most recent around two weeks ago. Sure, and where and/or what is/was the good news?

I did not have an opportunity to see the listing that the technical person had. Though the copier did not have a number, the technician mentioned something about a silver label on the front. With the laserprinter, I was told that the number was removed, though you could tell what number was there. The software package had a white stick-on label which had been marked out with black pen/marker, and still has the original shrink wrapping, while the real serial number is under the shrink wrapping on the box. How was it possible for them to claim and/or prove that the copier and software as well as the laserprinter, if possible, were stolen?

The next morning, at 9am at home, Det. G. starts talking about how he wants me to give them the person's name and so forth, after going to storage and giving him the copier, laserprinter, and software package. I've been told that he was supposed to give me a receipt or something, but I got nothing. I am not able to give him this person, since that time, both before and after, I have been other places, dealt with other people and dealers, and could confuse this guy with someone else. He still thinks I can lead him to whoever is doing the robberies. He also mentions possible burglary, trespassing, and possession of stolen property/altered serial numbers charges. While at storage, he takes photographs of all my boxes containing items I sell at hamfests, my mini tower case, my old 8088 computer, and a few other things. Back home, he takes pictures of my tower case with the 386, the desktop case, my entire computer desk (that includes my printer, power supply, two hard drives, two switchboxes, an Atari SC1224 monitor, IBM 8515 monitor, and an Atari STE computer), and the IBM 425SX computer on the dresser. He says that my two 8515 monitors could be stolen, of which they are not, as I bought them.

I've been told since my last dealing with the detectives, that I've been formally charged, but not yet in court, with burglary in the second degree, due to my being in the office building, with an arrest warrant that's been out on me since this started, meaning that any officer who stops me, or whatever, can arrest me. The detective has said that he wants to bust the next hamfest, but he will have a lot of trouble doing so. I'm still unable to go to my own storage bin, but I had to put a few things in there.


Finally, November 23, at 8:30am, Det. G. and Det. B. came up, and I answered the door, and walked to the middle of the living room to let them come in, but before I could take a few steps, I was grabbed and placed under arrest. If either detective said something, I never heard it. Det. G. and I go to the detective's office, to wait for my lawyer, til 11am. While there, he gives me a paper with the Miranda Rights on it, to have me sign, which I do sign after a bit of time. Weren't they supposed to have it read to me at the house? One of the papers had a notation by the detective saying that I wear hearing aids and my hearing problem. Then we go to the lockup. I go through the process of placing everything I have in my pockets, and my belt, into a bag, sign the receipt, and keep my copy. I also ask if I could keep my hearing aid batteries with me. I'm told it's not allowed, that they would be placed in medical. Then there's fingerprinting, photographing, and medical questions, before I go into the holding cell. For the medical questioning, I tell the person about my hearing problem, and it's written down. In order for me to know when someone's called for me, I'm near the front of the holding cell, either standing or sitting on a bench. I don't have much of a chance to tell someone about my hearing problem due to the constant activities in and around the holding area.

They then call for me, about 1:30pm, with an officer holding some papers. I'm released from the cell, and told that I've been released ROR - Released on Recognizance - and requested that I do not have contact of any kind with the business at the building that I was in, which I have no problem with. I'm then placed in a smaller room, alone, til about 4:30pm, when someone else is put with me. Later on, one of my hearing aid batteries goes dead, and I have a very difficult time trying to get someone to listen to me about my hearing aid batteries, with the fellow who is with me helping out.

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