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Parenting Hard of Hearing Children

When Your Child is Not Deaf, But HOH


Updated September 15, 2011

Plenty of books and web sites are available on parenting deaf and hard of hearing children, but not many are about ONLY hard of hearing children. Even though we say "deaf and hard of hearing" in the same breath, there are differences between the two. One parent complained to me that most of the books on parenting deaf and hard of hearing children that she has found seemed to focus on deaf children.

There are few resources that I found that were solely about hard of hearing children. Most available books are about "deaf and hard of hearing." I looked for books and information that stated only hard of hearing children in the title, although I am aware there are other books and resources that use "hearing impaired" or "hearing loss," in the title that may be just as suitable:

  • Our Forgotten Children: Hard-of-Hearing Pupils in the Schools. Published by Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (old name of Hearing Loss Association of America); now apparently out of print.

  • Not Deaf Enough: Raising a Child Who is Hard of Hearing with Hugs, Humor, and Imagination

  • Families with Hard of Hearing Children Boys Town Press - This is a video; on the video cover it says "Parents and professionals talk about having a hard of hearing child."
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