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Sign Language Clubs

Making Friends and Practicing Sign Language


Updated April 28, 2009

Are you a college student looking to improve your sign language skills? A parent looking for a babysitter for a deaf child? A deaf organization seeking a Signing Santa for a holiday event? See if there is a sign language or deaf awareness club at a college or even a high school near you!

Colleges with Sign Language Clubs

Some college sign language clubs are:

  • California - Modesto Junior College's Sign Language Club has a Signing Santa.
  • Massachusetts - College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA: They offer babysitting for deaf children.
  • Minnesota - Winona State University's American Sign Language Club welcomes anyone as a member.

High Schools with Clubs

Some high schools also have sign language clubs. A few examples:

  • California- Central Valley High School (Shasta Lake)
  • Louisiana - Lafayette High School in Louisiana
  • Oklahoma - Edison High in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Even elementary schools have sign language clubs, though they are not as numerous as college (or high school) ASL clubs.

Starting a Sign Language Club

About members have discussed on the forum about how to start a sign language club in their school or college.

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