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Deaf Community - Los Angeles

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Updated November 28, 2009

In the writing of this article, I focused on Los Angeles county specifically; this meant ignoring some things that were Orange County-specific. Overall, I would say that Los Angeles gets high marks as a "deaf-friendly" place to live.

Deaf/HOH Society in Los Angeles

Los Angeles deaf society can partake in social events sponsored by both large agencies and small independent groups:
  • GLAD - Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, which has a social events calendar for GLAD-sponsored events
  • Deaf chat coffee los angeles, which meets at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on west third street in los angeles once a month on fridays.
Even more social events are listed on OhSoEz's southern California page.

L.A. area captioned movies (rwc and oc)

Deaf people in Los Angeles can choose from either rear window captioned films or open-captioned films at a variety of locations. Check Fomdi.com or the sites of the movie theater chains.

Ethnic Organizations

Los Angeles has the Southern California Asian Deaf Association, a chapter of the National Asian Deaf Congress.

Los Angeles reportedly has the California Latino Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, but it is not known if this organization still exists.

African American
A Los Angeles, CA Black Deaf Advocates, a chapter of the National Black Deaf Advocates, exists but has no website. Interested people would need to contact the NBDA at NBDA.org.

Social service agencies

In addition to the GLAD, Los Angeles also has the Hearing Loss Network. Some general social services agencies have units that service the deaf community, such as the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women.


It wouldn't be Los Angeles without entertainment. Los Angeles is home to the Deaf West Theatre of "Big River" fame, and the L.A. Bridges Theatre Company of the Deaf.

Interpreting Services

GLAD offers an associated interpreting service called Lifesigns, and there is another independent interpreting agency, In Good Hands Interpreting. Another agency, Western Interpreting Network, services all of southern California including Los Angeles. Another agency serving Los Angeles is LiNKS interpreting service. L.A. area interpreters also can join the Southern California RID Chapter.


As it is home to the entertainment industry, Los Angeles is also home to offices of the larger captioning agencies as well as smaller agencies:
  • NCI - 303 North Glenoaks Boulevard, Suite 200, Burbank, CA 91502
  • Caption Center - 610 N. Hollywood Way, Suite 350, Burbank, CA 91505
  • Vitac - 4605 Lankershim Boulevard, Suite 250, North Hollywood, California 91602


Greater Los Angeles is home to several deaf churches, including the following:
  • Pilgrim Lutheran Church of the Deaf
  • International Deaf Mission
  • Los Angeles Deaf Church
  • Holy Angels Catholic Church of the Deaf
  • Grace Bible Church for the Deaf
The Jewish deaf community also has a presence. An article in the JDCC news highlighted Los Angeles.


Los Angeles does not have a college for the deaf, but does have a well-known, sizable program at the California State University Northridge, which has a National Center on Deafness.

California is also home to several schools for the deaf, both oral and signing/total communication.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has a deaf and hard of hearing program. Deaf education teachers looking for employment in Los Angeles can find information on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing section of TeachinLA.com. General information on services such as itinerant teaching and special day programs can be found on the L.A. Unified School District Division of Special Education website.

Updated March 4, 2006

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