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Deaf and HOH Kids and Teens


Updated February 14, 2011

Finding out that a child is deaf usually takes parents through a process or stages of learning to accept their child's deafness. After accepting their child's deafness, parents have to make decisions about education, and communication.

Parents of deaf and hard of hearing children are not the only ones in need of guidance. So are deaf parents of hearing children, who are known as children of deaf adults.

Learning About a Child's Deafness

Stages of Acceptance
Parents of newly identified deaf/hoh (hard of hearing) children go through a grieving/acceptance process.

Adoption of Deaf Children

Adopting a Deaf Child Domestically
It is still possible to adopt a deaf child domestically, particularly if you are able to parent a child with multiple disabilities. Here is one such family.

Adopting a Deaf Child from China
China is one of the most popular countries to adopt from, and this family is in the process of adopting a deaf child from China. Theirs is only one of many families that have adopted deaf children from China.

Adoption of Deaf/HOH Children
Learn how the Deaf Adoption News Service (no longer in operation) got started.

Parenting Choices

Nonsigning Parents
Seems like we have all heard of someone like this -- a signing deaf child with a hearing parent who will not learn sign language.

Raising Deaf Children

Bullying of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Sometimes deaf and hard of hearing children and teens have to deal with being bullied. Readers share their experiences with bullying and give advice on how to deal with it. Daycare for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Daycare solutions for your deaf or hard of hearing child.

Deafness: From Birth to Death
Resources on hearing loss from before birth to death.

Homeschooling Deaf Children
Are you interested in homeschooling your deaf child?

Parenting Hard of Hearing Children
Relatively few resources seem to be focused solely on hard of hearing children. Here are a few.

Summer Camps
Need a summer camp for your deaf or hard of hearing child or teen? Find one here.

Challenges of Parenting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

Deafblind Triplets
Think it is difficult to raise a deaf child? A blind child? Try both, and multiply by three. That's the life of the Hooker family.

Parenting - Social Immaturity
Social maturity can be a challenge for parents raising deaf/hoh children.

Sex Education for Deaf Students
Find out the importance of and resources for sex education for deaf students.

Deaf Parents, Hearing Children

Deaf Parents with Hearing Children
Get online resources for deaf parents of hearing children.

Other Parenting Articles

Barbie's "Deaf Friends"
Learn about imaginary deaf dolls that came out BEFORE the Sign Language Barbie.

Sign Language Barbie
A collectible Barbie doll was released with Barbie as a sign language teacher.

Signing Santas
Is a signing Santa at a shopping mall near you?

Spanish-language Deafness Resources
For Spanish-speaking families and teachers of Spanish-speaking deaf and hard of hearing children, Spanish-language translations on almost every topic are available as deafness and hearing loss resources.

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