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Making Deaf Friends

How to Make Deaf Friends


Updated February 14, 2011

Often, hearing people want to know how they can make deaf friends. Or, they want to know about love and marriage in the deaf community. Plus, deaf people themselves want to know how to find other deaf people to link up with in a relationship.

Love and Dating

HOH Shouldn't Date Deaf?
Forum members and About visitors discuss hard of hearing people dating deaf people.

Signs of Love
Are you looking for that special deaf/hoh someone to share your life with? Or just to date for fun?

Making Deaf Friends

These days, online is frequently the way deaf people and hearing people befriend each other. It is still important to get out into the community, and I do so myself, through Signing Suppers, also known as ASL Dinners.

Discussion Lists
Some discussion lists are still around although in reduced form. People who do not have the time for social networking may wish to consider a traditional discussion list.

Facebook Deaf Groups
Facebook is popular in the deaf community and many specialized groups have formed.

How to Make Friends in the Deaf Community
Tips and suggestions for befriending people in the deaf community.

Signing Suppers
Want to make new friends and practice signing in a relaxed atmosphere? Try signing/silent suppers.


Deaf and hearing marriage presents challenges to both the deaf and hearing partner. Even oral deaf people married to signing deaf people face marital challenges. The topic frequently comes up on the About Deafness blog as well.

Deaf and Hearing Relationships
Forum members discuss and advise each other on marriage and relationships between deaf and hearing people.

Deaf-Hearing Marriage
The reality of a deaf-hearing marriage.

Deaf-Hearing Marriage Blog Posts

ASL-Oral Marriage Needs Help
A deaf person who talks and signs faces challenges in a marriage to a signing only deaf person.

Deaf Man in Arranged Marriage to Hearing Woman
As the title says, a deaf man from a foreign country is struggling in his arranged marriage to a hearing woman from the same foreign country.

Profoundly Deaf Lady
A hearing husband describes his struggles with having a deaf wife.

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