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Cochlear Implant Cost


Updated April 04, 2011

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Question: Cochlear Implant Cost
How much does a cochlear implant cost?

A cochlear implant surgery's total cost can be as much as $100,000 in the United States, in 2011 dollars. Surgery is always expensive, and with cochlear implants there are lot of different factors involved, such as:

  • The cost of pre-surgical evaluations to see if a person qualifies for a cochlear implant
  • The cost of the cochlear implant's internal part
  • The cost of the cochlear implant's external parts such as the speech processor (which can cost thousands of dollars by itself)
  • The cost of the actual surgery
  • The cost of programming the cochlear implant
  • The cost of rehabilitative services to maximize the benefit from the cochlear implant
  • Ongoing costs of maintaining a cochlear implant such as the expense of batteries, cables, replacement speech processors, mapping costs, and even insurance expenses after the warranty expires. I had to purchase insurance for my implant when the warranty expired.

The total cost may seem scary, but insurance often covers the major portion of the cost so that most costs borne by the implantee are the ongoing maintenance costs.


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