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Popular Cochlear Implant Articles


Updated February 14, 2011

As more people get cochlear implants for themselves or their children, they come to About.com Deafness seeking information. Here in one place, are the most popular articles about cochlear implants at About.com: Deafness.

1. Cochlear Implants 101

If you are new to cochlear implants, the "Cochlear Implants 101" page guides you to the key cochlear implant resources at About Deafness.

2. Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

After the cochlear implant surgery, the real work begins. Rehabilitation therapy.

3. Cochlear Implant Surgery

What happens in cochlear implant surgery?

4. Cochlear Implant History

Cochlear implants may seem relatively new, but they are actually much older than that.

5. Cochlear Implants

An article with general information about cochlear implants, including some personal thoughts.

6. Cochlear Implant Facts

The basic facts about cochlear implants, reproduced from a government website.

7. Cochlear Implants - Reimplantation and Extrusion

One risk of getting a cochlear implant is that the body could actually reject it as a foreign object. This results in extrusion and the need to reimplant.

8. Tammy Gets an Implant

A serial about the experience of a deaf woman who decided to get a cochlear implant.

9. Cochlear Implant Hookup Experience

What is the experience of being hooked up like? The first time that the implant is turned on?

10. Cochlear Implants and Sports

A common question is, "will my child be able to play sports with an implant?"

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