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About.com Deafness on Facebook and Twitter
How to follow About.com Deafness on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Advocating for Your Needs and Rights as a Deaf Person or Deaf Family
Sooner or later, deaf or hard of hearing people and their families realize they have to become advocates for their needs. Most of us have stories about advocacy to share. Typical advocacy stories include battling for interpreters, captioning, and better educational placements for deaf children. My own advocacy experience includes working to get...See submissions

Deaf People in Prison
Deaf people in prison, and a deaf prison ministry network.

Deaf Senior Citizens
A look at what is available for deaf senior citizens, including retirement communities and nursing homes.

Demographics of Hearing Loss
How many deaf and hard of hearing people are there? No one really knows, but here are some resources that may help.

Negative Terminology About Deafness
When reporters write articles about deafness, there are certain words and phrases that should be avoided.

Summertime Activities for Deaf Community
Summer is here, even if the calendar does not officially say so. What is there for the deaf in the summertime?

Tax Credits for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access
Small businesses can take advantage of tax credits to make their businesses accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Vocational Rehabilitation and State Services
Vocational rehabilitation and state services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Ways to Help Deaf People in Developing Countries
There are many ways to assist deaf people in developing countries, either by making financial contributions or volunteering as a teacher, audiologist, or speech therapist.

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