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Deaf Culture and Deaf History

The deaf community has a rich deaf heritage, consisting of deaf culture, deaf history, deaf literature and fun, deaf studies, and deaf media.
  1. Deaf Culture (31)
  2. Deaf History (52)
  3. Deaf Literature (6)
  4. Sign Language Fun

Deaf Culture Basics
Deaf culture - what is it?

Deaf Heritage
Review of the book Deaf Heritage, from your About.com Guide

Deaf Heritage - Big Quiz
Challenge your knowledge of deaf heritage with this quiz.

Deaf Studies
Deaf studies is a growing academic discipline that studies deaf history, culture, and sign language.

Deafhood Defined
Deafhood is a new concept being embraced by the deaf community.

Glad to Be Deaf
About visitors with hearing losses give reasons why they are glad to be deaf.

Thanks for Deafness and Hearing Loss
About visitors who are deaf or have deaf family members, say what deaf-related things they are thankful for.

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