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Employment for Deaf and Hearing People

Finding employment, employment discrimination against deaf and hard of hearing people, and jobs for hearing people working with deaf people.

Work and Being Deaf
Employment related stories, experiences, and advice for deaf job seekers, current employees, and employers themselves.

Jobs - Job Search Discrimination
Is there discrimination against some deaf and hard of hearing people in the hiring process?

Job Search Discrimination Examples
Deaf and hard of hearing people share examples of discrimination that they have encountered when applying for jobs.See submissions

Workplace Harassment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
Some deaf and hard of hearing people face harassment on the job from supervisors and coworkers. What can they do?

Discrimination - How to Handle Discrimination Against Deaf and HOH on the Job
Sometimes deaf and hard of hearing people will experience discrimination on the job based on their hearing loss. Here are some suggestions on how to handle that discrimination.

Social Security Disability Income for Deaf People
If a deaf person loses a job, one option is to apply for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).

Jobs - Career Choices
Feature article on choosing whether to work in the deaf world or in the hearing world.

Information on Deafness for Employers
Information on deafness for employers, including the hiring process and on the job accomodation.

Making Supervisors and Co-Workers Comfortable with Deafness and Hearing Loss
Deaf and hard of hearing people often must deal with the challenge of having to make supervisors and co-workers comfortable with deafness and hearing loss.

Jobs - Deaf/HOH Owned Businesses
One way for a deaf person to be sure to have a job, is to start his or her own business.

Jobs - Vocational Rehabilitation and State Services
Vocational rehabilitation and state services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Deaf People as Lifeguards
Can deaf people work as lifeguards. They can, if the employer accepts only Red Cross certification. Otherwise...

Jobs - Internships/Co-ops
Feature article on internships and co-ops for deaf students.

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