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Where are deaf event calendars to aid social and professional planning?


Updated April 24, 2011

Question: Where are deaf event calendars to aid social and professional planning?
Answer: National, state, and local calendars can help you plan when you are seeking events in the signing community.

National Calendars

The best way to find an event of interest is to check a specialized event calendar. There are calendars for conferences, sports, and film, for example.
  • Professional - The Clerc Center's Info to Go unit maintains a national calendar of Upcoming Conferences and Exhibits. This is THE list for finding the dates of educational and cultural events, especially those aimed at professionals. It is downloadable in both Word and PDF.
  • Sports - The Deaflympics website has an international deaf sports event calendar. Another sports calendar is on the USA Deaf Sports Federation site.
  • Sign Language - ASLMeetup.com has groups that meet all over the United States. Just search for your local group if there is one, or start one.
  • Film - To quickly find where and what captioned movies (open captioned and closed captioned) are playing in your area, check Fomdi. Fomdi has a searchable database. Enter a ZIP code, select a distance, and click.
  • National organizations - National organizations for deaf and hard of hearing people may also maintain calendars. The Alexander Graham Bell Association has one that lists events related to auditory, speech, and language skills.

State Calendars

Many state associations of the deaf or state deaf and hard of hearing government agencies maintain event calendars. Regional resource agencies for the deaf and hard of hearing may also offer event calendars. These calendars can be found on their websites.

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