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I Love You Sign

Show Your Feelings


Updated May 16, 2014

I Love You Stamps

Collectible I Love You Stamps

What is the best known American Sign Language sign? The I Love You sign is probably the best known sign. It is an easily recognized sign -- made by celebrities and politicians, and often spotted on t-shirts.

Make the I Love You Sign

The sign blends the handshapes for the letters I, L and Y into one handshape. About.com has an example of how to make the sign. More examples can be found in the Sign Language Word Reference Guide.

Buy a Collectible I Love You Stamp

There were two I Love You stamps produced in late 1993. One showed the I Love You hand and said "American Sign Language." Another had a mother saying "I Love You" and had the words "Recognizing Deafness." You can buy the collectible stamps on Ebay or through postage stamp dealers.

Read I Love You Handshape History

A children's book, "The I Love You Story," by Walter Paul Kelley illustrates the history of the I Love You handshape. It is available through Harris Communications and was published in March 2004 by Buto Ltd Co.

Get an I Love You Gift

It is not hard to find I Love You sign gifts. Sign language gift retailers and deaf and hard-of-hearing product vendors sell all sorts of items with the I Love You insignia.

Modify I Love You Sign

You can say "I Really Love You" by replacing the "L" with the letter "R." Or you can say "I Hate You" by replacing the "L" with the two fingers of the letter "H."

Discuss I Love You Sign

Talk about the I Love You sign on the forum. Is it American or deaf culture?

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