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Education Options for Children with Hearing Loss

Education of deaf and hard of hearing children, from schools for the deaf to mainstreaming programs.
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Deaf Education - Level of Satisfaction with Deaf Education
Readers share their perspectives on the quality of education they received in a school or program for the deaf.

Deaf Education
Articles on a variety of education-related deaf and hard of hearing topics.

Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School
A deaf author describes her personal experiences with being mainstreamed, and examines the experiences of other deaf adults.

Back to School
Getting ready for going back to school? Here are some resources.

The bilingual-bicultural method, including schools utilizing this method.

Deaf and Music
Music education can be a useful tool in education of deaf children.

Deaf Children with Learning Disabilities
Information and resources on helping deaf children who also have learning disabilities.

Deaf School or Mainstreaming Program
Forum members discuss the pros and cons of attending a deaf school versus being in a mainstream program.

Deafness and Deaf People in Science
Deaf people have been scientists for centuries, and there is also information to aid teachers teaching science to deaf students.

Does ASL Teach English?
Forum members debate the question of whether ASL is useful for teaching English.

Getting Tutoring Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
How to get tutoring services for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Help for Teachers of the Deaf
Help for teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing after they become teachers.

Individualized Education Plans - Advice for Individualized Education Plans
About.com readers share advice for parents getting ready to attend their child's Individualized Education Plan meetings.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
A short FAQ page on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act that links to resources, especially those that deal specifically with deafness.

Nonsigning Parents
It is not unusual for the deaf child to use sign language, but the child's parents do not. Why are some parents unable to, or refusing to, learn sign language to communicate with their deaf child?

Deaf Education Programs
Deaf education programs prepare teachers (and prospective teachers) to become teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students.

3 Ways to Build a Better Hearing Brain
Objective data shows nutrition, meditation, and music influence the auditory pathways of the brain, making it possible to "build a better brain" for listening and learning with simple interventions.

Listening Therapies for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
Overview of the most common listening therapies used to treat auditory processing disorders. Includes description, duration, and associated research behind the therapies.

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