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Profile of Oticon


Updated February 20, 2011


Oticon was founded in 1904 in Denmark by Hans Demant whose wife was hearing impaired. To help her he obtained the same type of hearing aid used by Alexandra, Princess of Wales.

The hearing aids were made in America and Danes heard about them. Demant founded a company to import these hearing aids to Denmark. During World War II the company began making its own hearing aids due to the difficulty of importation. The company also changed its name to Oticon soon after.

Charitable Activity:

The Oticon Foundation owns most shares of Oticon. It supports hearing impaired children and education. Examples of past foundation grants: Self Help for Hard of Hearing People in the U.S. received a grant to support a National Information and Training Center for Hearing Assistive Technology. Another grant went to the Audiology Foundation of America for audiology scholarships.

Research and Other Activities:

Oticon is engaged in other activities such as:
  • Oticon supports the Eriksholm Research Centre in Denmark, which focuses on the psychosocial aspects of hearing loss, and hearing technology.
  • Audiology summer camps for audiology students.
  • Focus on People awards, which includes an advocacy category.

Oticon Products:

Oticon produces many types of advanced, digital hearing aids (some have artificial intelligence). Each hearing aid model has its own website.

Other Oticon Website Features:

Additional interesting or useful elements of the Oticon website include:
  • Hearing aids through the years. Oticon presents a well-illustrated history of hearing aids, including its own.
  • A Kids Corner explains hearing aids, and offers stories from kids about hearing aids, and games.
  • Find a hearing Professional. In the U.S., enter state and zip code.

Contacting Oticon:

Oticon's U.S. headquarters is in Somerset, New Jersey. (The company is still headquartered in Denmark). Oticon has sister companies in almost 20 countries.
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