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Before You Get Hearing Aids


Updated February 08, 2011

Have you been told that you (or your child) need hearing aids? There is a lot to learn, from financing to caring for your hearing aids. Or, if you are still struggling with the decision to get hearing aids, you may benefit from reading about reasons to love a hearing aid, or about the relationship improvements from hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Basics

Have you ever seen a hearing aid before? Do you know what different types of hearing aids are available? Are you curious about their history? In addition, some hearing aids can be implanted, and for those unable to wear a traditional hearing aid, bone anchored hearing aids are available.

Buying Hearing Aids

How can you buy hearing aids and what is the best way to buy them - through a professional audiologist/hearing aid dispenser or online?

Financing Hearing Aids

If you find that you need hearing aids but can not afford them, there is some help available for those who qualify for assistance.

Hearing Aids - Kids

It can be a challenge to get young children and babies to wear their hearing aids, and to avoid losing them. Here are some ideas.

Caring For Hearing Aids

How do you keep a hearing aid clean? How do you keep the hearing aid in good working condition? How do you protect them from moisture and sweat in hot weather?

Hearing Aid Batteries

Now that you have hearing aids, you must keep them "fed" with batteries. What size to get? How long will they last? Where can you buy them, and what should you do with used batteries?

Getting Earmolds

As part of the process of getting hearing aids, you also have to have earmolds made. Most people have no problems, but some may have an allergic reaction.

Used Hearing Aids

Hearing aids usually last a certain number of years before you have to replace them. Or you lose more hearing and have to buy more powerful hearing aids. But your old hearing aids still work. What can you do with them?

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