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Hearing loss, including causes of hearing loss, types of hearing loss, demographics, later hearing loss and audiograms.
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Types, Degrees of Hearing Loss
Article on the different types and degrees of hearing loss, clearly explained.

Fluctuating Hearing Loss
A hearing loss that goes up and down is called a fluctuating hearing loss.

Low Frequency Hearing Loss
Low frequency hearing loss is defined, along with its causes, how common it is, and treatment.

Mild Hearing Loss
Mild or minor hearing losses are all too often pooh-poohed or ignored -- when they shouldn't be.

Mixed Hearing Loss
Definition of mixed hearing loss.

Unilateral Hearing Loss
Feature article on this type of hearing loss, in which one ear is normal while the other is impaired.

Occupational Hearing Loss
Occupational hearing loss is a very common and expensive problem.

Feature article on Tinnitus.

Music in the Ear
Sometimes deaf people, particularly older deaf people, will hear music in their heads. This can cause them to question their sanity, but it is only musical ear syndrome.

Demographics of Hearing Loss
How many deaf and hard of hearing people are there? No one really knows, but here are some resources that may help.

Guide to Deafness for Hearing Kids
Answers to kids' questions about deafness and hearing loss.

Why You Shouldn't Use Hearing Impaired
Why you shouldn't use the term hearing impaired.

Hearing Protection
When noise threatens your hearing or your child's there are several methods of protecting your hearing.

Hyperacusis - A Personal Experience
Guest article by a hard of hearing About visitor who has hyperacusis.

Progressive Hearing Loss
Learn about progressive hearing loss, which is when hearing becomes worse over time due to a variety of causes.

Stigma and Hearing Loss
Is it a stigma to have a hearing loss? Unfortunately, many aging people (and even those close to them!) think so.

Overamplification - Increasing Hearing Loss
Overamplification can cause the loss of more hearing.

What Causes Hearing Damage?
What causes hearing damage? Why is it we can be born able to hear, and then later as children or adults, we lose some or all of our hearing?

What is an Audiologist?
What is an audiologist? What is the difference between an audiologist and hearing aid dispenser? What is the differnce between an audiologist and ENT?

Hearing Loss and Women
hearing loss in women presbyacusis depression and hearing loss

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
sudden hearing loss single sided deafness hearing loss

Nutrition and Hearing Loss
nutrition hearing loss antioxidants

Racing Towards Hearing Loss
NASCAR noise exposure noise induced hearing loss

The Effect of Hearing Loss on Development

Why Can't My Child Listen?
why can't my child listen auditory processing disorder learning disability neurologic hearing problems

How to Remove Ear Wax
Do's and Don'ts to remove ear wax safely. What to try at home and when you need to see a doctor.

Hearing Aids and iPhone: A Recipe for Better Hearing and Customer Satisfaction
Hearing aids that are compatible with free iPhone apps allow users more flexibility, better hearing in noise, and the ability to adjust their own hearing aids for the sound quality they desire.

Rechargable Hearing Aids
Changes in rechargeable batteries for hearing aids mean longer battery life, ease of use, and better reliability.

6 Reasons Hearing-Impaired People Don't Get Hearing Aids
There are many reasons people with hearing loss do not purchase hearing aids. This article looks at common reasons and how to address these concerns.

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