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Technology for Hearing Loss

Hearing aids and cochlear implants - the costs, benefits, facts, and much more.
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New Advances in Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

6 Signs it May Be Time for New Hearing Aids
6 signs your hearing aids need to be replaced

Hearing Aids and iPhone: A Recipe for Better Hearing and Customer Satisfaction
Hearing aids that are compatible with free iPhone apps allow users more flexibility, better hearing in noise, and the ability to adjust their own hearing aids for the sound quality they desire.

Rechargable Hearing Aids
Changes in rechargeable batteries for hearing aids mean longer battery life, ease of use, and better reliability.

6 Reasons Hearing-Impaired People Don't Get Hearing Aids
There are many reasons people with hearing loss do not purchase hearing aids. This article looks at common reasons and how to address these concerns.

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