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Historic Progress

Historic progress, including technological developments, and events in deaf history.

History of Closed Captioning
Closed captioning has now been around for a long time. This article looks at the history in brief, and includes my own contributions to closed captioning history.

History of Cochlear Implant
The modern cochlear implant is the result of centuries of work.

History of Gallaudet University
A brief history of Gallaudet University, with links to more in-depth resources.

History of Hearing Aids
From laughable trumpets to sleek BTEs, hearing aids through the years.

History of Sign Language
How did sign language - any sign language - develop?

History of the Silent Network
Article by an About Deafness contributor on the birth, life, and death of the Silent Network cable channel.

History of the TTY
Before text pagers and email, there was the TTY.

Caption Action
The story of Caption Action, an early grassroots campaign to increase closed captioning on home video.

Deaf Peddlers
Deaf peddling used to be a common thing; thankfully it is not anymore.

Deaf People and the Holocaust
In the Holocaust, deaf people were either killed or sterilized.

Deaf People and War
Back when the Kosovo war was raging in the Balkans, a deaf man was one of the victims - and his deafness was the reason he died.

Deaf People in the Great Depression
What was life like for deaf people in the Great Depression of the '30s?

Deaf People on Television 50s to Today
Did you know that deaf characters have been on television almost since television began?

Deaf President Now
The historic Deaf President Now movement.

Deaf Slavery
When a group of deaf Mexicans was found enslaved, it was big news in the United States. Unfortunately, deaf slavery persists around the world and appears in the news from time to time.

Deaf, Not Retarded
Older deaf people may remember a time not too long ago, when deaf people were frequently misdiagnosed as retarded and institutionalized, with often disastrous consequences.

End of the Silent News
At one time, the deaf and hard of hearing community had a very respected newspaper, the Silent News.

Martha's Vineyard
In the 19th century, there was a place where it was just as normal to be deaf as it was to be hearing.

Milan 1880
In the 19th century, the very mention of this event struck fear in the hearts of sign language users.

Segregation in Schools for the Deaf
Back when public schools were segregated, schools for the deaf were no exception.

Deaf People in LIFE Magazine
Searching the archives of LIFE Magazine turns up many interesting examples of deaf people.

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