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Stymied by Blatant Discrimination

Share Your Story: Job Search Discrimination Examples

By Disabled Applicant

Updated February 24, 2011

What Happened When You Applied?

From an email: I applied to many places where the Master's was required. I knew I met requirements. There was not one job interview in 7 months!

How Did You React or Handle It?

I decided to call people and ask them what was wrong with my resumes, applications. Their responses were that they had already filled the position. I was suspicious that they decided to discriminate against me because I put down TTY/Voice number and relay number on my resumes and applications. After investigating newly hired employees, I was stunned that all were hearing, couldn't sign well and knew very little about Deaf culture. I was furious but kept searching until someone opened the door and gave me the chance.

Later, I met a woman at a conference. I had applied at her company a year before. I asked her flatly why she didn't want to interview me. She admitted that she wanted a hearing person! I became furious at her ignorance about deafness. This woman should not be allowed to work with people with disabilities with that kind of thinking! I interrupted her and said, "Hearing! That's what I thought!" She didn't say any more. She knew she was wrong.

Lessons Learned

  • Guide comment: even a disabled applicant to a job working with other disabled people, faced discrimination!

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