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Share Your Story: Losing More Hearing

By luckybellastar

Updated January 27, 2011

How much hearing loss did you have to begin with?

I had a severe to profound mixed loss of hearing in the right ear and a profound hearing loss for the left ear. I also wear a hearing aid and FM in my right ear.

How did you start losing more hearing?

The change in my hearing happened a few months ago. I just thought it was infection or fluid. That same day I went to the doctor and they said it was SN [sensorineural] and related to my syndrome.

How did you react to losing more hearing?

I was surprised and I did not believe it because my hearing kept changing. It was a little confusing. When the cochlear was mentioned I knew I had to make the right choice so I wanted to slow down.

How did you cope with your feelings of loss?

I talked to my teachers so I could keep them up to date with my hearing. Then I talked with the Hearing Itinerant and the Hearing Impaired Counselor about the changes in my hearing loss. I did some journaling and talked with my mom.

Lessons Learned

It was really hard to say because, I'm still experiencing the changes now. I learned that my hearing loss could be progressive and maybe I will think about a cochlear in the future.

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