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Readers Respond: How Was Your Ear Candling Experience?

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Updated February 19, 2011

Reason for Ear Candling Problems

I had Ear Candling first in the UK. I was told it did not touch the wax and certainly did not remove it. I found it had a lovely therapeutic effect and my sinuses were clearer afterwards. I did the course there for ear candling and now live in Canada. Much research has been done in Europe about them and in fact Biosun ear candles are registered as medical instruments with the EC. I think the problem with candling is that people do it without proper training. This with poor candle construction causes the problems.

Grandparent's Experience

Two of my grandaughters suffered from severe ear infections, we were told one needed a tube, we did the ear candling and neither one had ear infections after that, and no ear tube was required on the other.
—Guest maria rodriguez

Childhood Memory

When i was a kid every time i got a sinus infection, ear infection, excessive ear wax or water in my ear from swimming my mom would bring me to the doctor and get me medicine, which worked fine. Whenever the problem occurred when visiting my dad (they are divorced and passed me back and forth for visitation rights) he would pull out his ear candle supplies and get me to lay on my side, it was always very relaxing and I ALWAYS felt better immediately.
—Guest tessarian

Learned from Sister

My sister came to visit recently and told me how she's done candling for years. I'd never heard of it, but was willing to give it a shot. Regardless of what disbelievers say, my hearing in my left ear improved (enough to where I can hear a conversation with my phone again). I could feel things loosening and popping during treatment. Regaining some of my hearing is enough to make me a fan.
—Guest DW

Father Didn't Believe It Would Work

I have been doing ear candling seventeen years and I know that they work and if used right are safe to us. They helped in removing water from behind the ear drum along with the extra wax that builds up from wearing my hearing aid. I would never recommend anyone using then by themselves. I have always had someone do the candling, the directions are on every package of candles you buy. If you don't follow the directions you risk the chance of burns and other problems. My son used the candles on his father's ears as he is a logger and his hearing was getting bad father was somewhat not believing that they would work he did it anyway and super surprised that stuff came out of his ears including sawdust that was packed in his ears. Does he believe now? yes said he can hear better.

Ear candling experience

This when I was as a young married mom who couldn't afford to go to the doctor.I kept having ear infections and someone told me about ear candling,I don't remember who,but I did it to myself.Took a cone of construction paper put it in my ear and lit it.It did draw up some ear wax. But it didn't really help the situation, and I could see how it could get dangerous very quickly.In other words I lived through it more than once, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'm hearing still. I know amazing.
—Guest Shannon

ear candling

My three adult children have done ear candling for years, say it works great, and have never caught fire.
—Guest anonymus

Tried it, no results...

When I first stated to lose my hearing, like a lot, I was in denial, then thought it could be "fixed". These "candle" sites and "health stores" tell you it's wax, and you can candle it out. You get detailed instructions and warnings which add to the mystic element. Did it, opened the candle, per instruction, saw "wax", no change in hearing. Do a google and look deeper into the responses, past those selling candles, there are a number of sites that will de-bunk the candle, and explain how it works, or why it doesn't. People have bought snake-oil and patent medicine for ever and as long as they dream of magic they will keep buying..
—Guest Fred

Ear candling

I have had ear candling done 3 times. The pollen (and wax) that is removed is amazing. I do it more for clearing of the sinuses than for wax removal. It ends my headaches during allergy season.

ear candling

My daughter has been getting her ears candled for 6 years now. She loves it. When she goes into her audiologist absolutely no wax is needing to be removed because the ear candling got it all! Beats tweezers and painful removal at the doctor's office.
—Guest Mom
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